Eclectic Playlist

I have a variety of playlists on my little pink MP3 player, each created for a different activity or person.

MP3 Player
My listening devices have changed dramatically since I was 3.

I made a playlist for Lily and Emmy with Princess songs, which includes songs from Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, a little Taylor Swift, and The Little Mermaid. And of course I had to add Frozen to the mix when we bought that CD. This playlist is titled “Princesses.”

Ed’s playlist consists of bands such as Journey, the Scorpions and his favorite, Def Leppard. I creatively titled Ed’s playlist, “Ed’s Playlist.”

I have several of my own playlists, but my favorite is the one I named “Eclectic.” That’s because it has a little bit of everything. A little country, a little rock, some folk and some alternative. I put Taylor Swift’s “Safe and Sound” next to Capital Cities’ “Safe and Sound.” There’s the cowboy portion with Dixie Chicks’ “Cowboy, Take Me Away” and Paula Cole’s “Where Have All the Cowboys Gone.” Sting’s “I Burn For You” and Sarah MacLachlan’s “Possession” are part of a stalkerish section. Throw in some Gotye and Civil Wars, and you’ve got yourself an eclectic playlist.

What about you? Who’s playing on your playlist?

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Baby Animals

Spring is in the air! Many times we associate spring with baby animals being born. While this is certainly true out in the wild, baby animals are born year round on the farm!

During my time as a Field Mom, I had the opportunity to see both calves and piglets. I know you’ve seen this photo before, but I’m showing you again because it’s just so cute! (I’m talking about the piglet, not me, dressed as I am in my special cap and overalls!)

holding piglet

Behind me are farrowing stalls that modern pig farmers use to keep the mom and baby pigs safe and comfortable. These stalls have become very controversial because the sows are unable to freely move around. The reasoning behind these stalls are varied. Sows are very aggressive and fight over food. A younger sow may be attacked and be unable to eat in a group pen because of sow “bullies.” Sows are also notorious for lying on their piglets and crushing them. Not a very maternal thing to do, is it?

The sows I observed did seem content. It is hard to understand how pigs can be content when they are confined in this manner. While gestation and farrowing stalls seem cruel, I’m not a pig farmer. I haven’t cared for sows day in and day out and I don’t know much about their natural behavior. I do know from talking directly with pig farmers that they want what’s best for their animals and are always looking for better ways to take care of them.

There is a great video on Watch Us Grow that explains more about the use of pig gestation and farrowing stalls. If you’d like to know more about modern pig farms, I encourage you to go watch.

Field Mom Ambassador


What’s On Your Playlist?

I had this idea as I was on the treadmill, looking for a playlist to listen to. I have no idea if this is a good prompt, but let’s try it anyway!

Tell us about a playlist you’ve created. When do you listen to it? What songs are on it? Does it motivate or inspire you? Tell us about your playlist!

to sing
I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

If you haven’t created a playlist, write about the kind of music you like to listen to and when you listen to it. When you’re doing housework? Exercising? Or maybe when you’re on a road trip?

Write it up and link it here!

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Spring is Fickle

Every year, it seems like spring is a miracle. It happens some time in mid-March. All it takes is one warm day. All of a sudden, sprouts spring up out of the ground that was frozen just a week ago. Dead looking branches are suddenly full of life when fuzzy buds pop out on maple trees. The ice melts off the driveway that we got tired of shoveling, and the sidewalk chalk comes out.

chalk drawing

Another sign of spring is when your children start dragging dirt into the house and someone leaves muddy tracks on your freshly vacuumed carpet.

Spring is so fickle. We went on a hike last weekend in Moraine Hills State Park. As we walked, we began to shed layers in the warm sunshine.

Moraine State Park
Emmy and Lily walking their cousin dog, Bailey.

As we neared the lake, the breeze picked up. We began to scramble to put our layers back on! That layer of ice on the lake didn’t help matters.

frozen lake

Spring. It can’t decide if it’s coming or going! I hear it’s supposed to snow on Monday.

Happy First Day of Spring!

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Spring Is Coming!

This week is the Spring Equinox! The first day of spring will be on Friday, March 20! Last week, I waited anxiously for the sheet  of ice on my drive way to melt. This week, I can’t wait to get outside and look for little green sprouts in my garden. The piles of snow are slowly melting and the sun is feeling warm!

springing bunny

What do you love about Spring? Does it look like Spring where you live? Do you decorate for Spring? Write anything about Spring for the Spin Cycle this week, and link it up here!


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