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I had planned to write about our Fall walks during November’s NaBloPoMo. (Unfortunately, I blew it. NaBloPoMo, that is. Lily and Emmy had two friends over for a sleepover Friday night, and I completely forgot to write a blog post! Boo.)

We have had a gorgeous Fall, with lots of warm days and cool nights; beautiful leaves and dry weather; wonderful weekends to hike in the woods.

fall trees

We soaked in the sunny skies and jumped in leaves. Boy, did we ever jump in leaves! Ed piled up the highest leaf pile he’s ever made in our front yard. I have to admit, while I was raking it to the curb for the leaf trucks to pick it up last Thursday, I may have been cursing him and his leaf pile. But he just can’t resist. A little girl we know loves leaf piles so very much.

watermarked leaf pile

And then, on Friday night, the first snowflakes started to fall. And just like that, our beautiful Fall was over. The leaves haven’t even completely fallen off all of the trees yet.

Fall tree with snow

And now, it’s winter. The calendar doesn’t say that it’s winter yet, but the way the minivan slid around the snow-covered roads on the way to piano lessons yesterday said it was winter. The biting wind and snowdrifts say that it’s winter. Ugh. Winter is here.

snow covered tree

Until Wednesday, at least. Then the temperatures are supposed to go up and then we’ll get rain instead of snow for a wet and mild Thanksgiving. We’ll see about that.





The Week Before Thanksgiving

Next week, the schools in our district have no school. On Monday and Tuesday there are parent/teacher conferences, and then for the rest of the week, we are celebrating Thanksgiving!

Today, I went to see Lily’s fifth grade class perform a play about The First Thanksgiving. They did such a good job, and were so cute! (Yes, fifth graders are still adorable!)

Unfortunately for me (and for you), I have had a long standing policy where I don’t publish photos of other people’s kids online. I was sitting in the front row, and I’d love to show you the pictures I took. But I can’t. *sigh*

Tomorrow, we are inviting the parents to my preschool classroom to perform our version of The First Thanksgiving. It is very different than the fifth grade version, and involved much more singing. Since I am the teacher, I will not be able to take photos, and I will not be able to show you the photos I didn’t take. So there!

Pretty soon, I’ll be writing a post about all the things I’m thankful for. One of those things is that I’ve written 19 posts in November, and I only have 11 more to write. #nablopomo (Just thought I’d stick that hashtag in for fun.)

Don’t forget, we’re talking about Thanksgiving here on The Spin Cycle until the end of the month! Link up your Thanksgiving thankful posts, stories, crafts, and recipes HERE!

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Before 9:00 a.m.

A couple of weeks ago, I started writing this blog post and didn’t finish it. My mornings aren’t usually this busy! Today was a typical morning for me; I got up after I had hit the snooze button a couple of times, drove Lily to orchestra, walked Emmy to school and drove myself to work. I even managed to put roast beef in the crock pot for dinner! But every once in while, things get crazy around here….

This morning (October 28), I couldn’t sleep. I rolled out of my warm bed into the cold bedroom at 5:45 to have a cup of coffee with Ed before he left for work. I usually don’t even hear him leave, even though my alarm is set for six. But I was anxious this morning because our furnace had quit on us the night before. Fortunately, it was a good time for the furnace to break. The low temperature was only on the 50s, so the house stayed fairly warm, dropping down to 64 degrees. Not so bad; could be worse!

At 7:00, I went to wake up Lily. Her room was still pitch black and I hated to do it, but I had to drive her over to the middle school for orchestra in 45 minutes. After I made sure Lily was up, I hopped in the shower so I could actually have dry hair before we got in the car.

What happened next was a whirlwind of accomplishment…not my usual thing in the morning. I dropped off Lily at orchestra and when I got home I called our furnace company to come fix the heat. It’s Pumpkin Patch day at the girls’ school, and both Lily and Emmy decorated pumpkins. I loaded both pumpkins into our little red wagon, and Emmy and I walked to school with them bumping behind us. It was rainy, so Emmy made sure the plastic garbage bag I placed over the painted pumpkins stayed in place.

With both girls where they needed to be, I lowered the third row of seats in my van so I had more room. I carried an old stereo system and two antiquated printers up from the basement and loaded them into the back of the van. I had had carpool duty the night before, or I would have put them in the car sooner! It’s the last Wednesday until Spring when I could drop off electronics for recycling at the Village Public Works building, and I was determined to make it there!

After sweating in my raincoat just a bit, I finally departed for work. Everything else that day went smoothly. My electronic were recycled, the technician ordered parts to fix our furnace, and each daughter received a participation ribbon for their pumpkins.

Phew! Are your mornings usually hectic? Or do you follow a smooth routine? I’m glad that every morning is not like that morning was!

Wishing you a Good Morning and a strong, hot cup of coffee.



Bad habits, I need to quit you

When I was in college, National Smokeout Day was a big deal. I even had a mini poster of Mr. Spock encouraging people to stop smoking. It said, “Live Long and Prosper.” I’ve never smoked, but I have plenty of other bad habits that I need to stop doing!

I’m a huge procrastinator; this covers a variety of bad habits, including:

1. Putting off washing the dinner pans until the next day,
2. folding clean laundry,
3. and getting rid of junk mail! What if there’s a valuable coupon in that pile that I want to use later?

Procrastination also affects my writing. I’ll sit down to write a blog post, and do these things instead:

4. Check Facebook, scrolling down until I get to a status I’ve seen before,
5. check my email countless times, knowing there will be no new messages,
6. and decide to organize my digital photos. I also go on hunts for things I’m never going to find; I have an urge right now to go look for that Spock poster, but I’m going to get this blog post written first!

Some of my bad habits I picked up when I was a kid. I still:

7. Crack my knuckles,
8. need to clean my room,
9. and leave my bed unmade.

I do have a habit that others may think is bad, but I’m rather proud of it.

10. When I’m reading a good book or an interesting article, I can tune everything else out, even my own kids!

Do you have a habit you’d like to stop doing? Here’s a habit you should do: Stop by our Tuesday Ten hosts’ blogs every Tuesday! Lisa at The Golden Spoons and Rabia from The Lieber Family will be happy to “see” you!

The Golden Spoons


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