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Beaches! Acadia National Park, Part 3

Maine has a very rocky coastline. On our last day in Maine, I walked behind the rest of the family and soaked in the ocean view. We had explored the tide pools and rocky beaches for our entire stay, and yet it didn’t seem as though we explored enough. We even took a chance and… Continue Reading

Rocks! Acadia National Park, Part 2

Read Part 1 here. The ranger in the visitor center video said that he used think about the national parks out west when he thought of rocks, such as Arches National Park, the Grand Canyon, and so on. But he soon discovered that Acadia, this national park of the East, is very rocky as well.… Continue Reading

Acadia National Park, Part 1

Go to the visitor’s center first! That’s our mantra whenever we go to a national park. We actually stop by the visitor’s center throughout our visits. The rangers are wonderful resources, and we always ask them questions about what trails to hike. When we were in Acadia National Park this past June, we watched a… Continue Reading

She’s 13!

Happy Birthday, Lily! We surprised Lily by taking her out for a seafood Sunday brunch this morning, at one of her favorite restaurants on the Fox River in Algonquin. She had guessed what we were doing, but it was fun anyway! And we were joined by my sister and brother, along with Ed’s family, so… Continue Reading


I was up this morning before 6:00 to get Emmy up and going to an elementary choral festival up in Waucona, Illinois. Ed drove her and three other fifth graders. It was still dark, cold, and raining. I stayed home to clean the house (the bottom half) for Lily’s birthday party. My method of cleaning… Continue Reading

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