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Be Involved {Spin Cycle}

My daughter’s friend told her mom that she wanted to work at a cupcake shop when she was older. Her mom told her, “Think bigger!” So she said, “I want to manage a cupcake shop!” Her mom replied, “Think even bigger!” “I want to OWN a cupcake shop!” she finally said. That was more like… Continue Reading

Grateful for my two little ones

Before Ed and I were married, before we were even engaged, actually, we talked about children. I was so afraid that after going through chemotherapy and hormone therapy, and then surgery to have uterine fibroids removed, that I would be unable to have kids. I wanted a family, and I wanted the man I married… Continue Reading

Breastless: How I Live Without My Breast

My obstetrician was examining the scar on my chest. At age 38, I was eleven years out from my breast cancer diagnosis and pregnant with Emmy. I had never had my chest examined so thoroughly as when I was pregnant. My doctor was going to make sure to keep me healthy. During this examination, the… Continue Reading

Facebook okays mastectomy photos: Is it really okay?

I now have permission to show you my mastectomy scar on Facebook. On page 3 of today’s Chicago Tribune, a headline announces “Facebook clarifies: Mastectomy photos OK.” Obviously, this story is very personal for me. Don’t worry; I’m not going to run and grab my camera. I have no desire to show you my mastectomy… Continue Reading

Wearing Blinders

I always say that when I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I was single. That’s not entirely true; I had a boyfriend. I don’t talk about him much. He was a very nice guy and I thought I loved him. He, however, didn’t love me back. I stayed with him for much longer than I… Continue Reading

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