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A Simple Piece of Cloth

It’s just a simple piece of cloth folded into a triangle. And yet, as I watched the representatives from the military unfold the American flag, it was so much more than a piece of cloth. Unfolded, held firmly, crisply, by its four corners and tilted it so we could see the stars and stripes. Our… Continue Reading

Struggling Upwards

After seeing bear scat on the trail to the natural bridge in Yellowstone, we decided to rent some bear spray for our morning hike up Mount Washburn. Bears scare me, and for good reason. We looked into buying bear spray at the park, but it was $50, and renting it was much more reasonable. All… Continue Reading

Leaf Season

Every fall my girls love when Ed rakes up a big pile of leaves, and then they jump right in! This year, they raked up their leaf pile by themselves, and they have been jumping in the leaves every chance they get! There is a problem with leaf season, however. Leaf piles also somehow start… Continue Reading

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