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Winter Outside, Spring Inside

Disclaimer: I’m participating in Hey, Let’s Grow, a gardening program sponsored by Monsanto, which provided me with a seed starter kit, Seminis Home Garden seeds, and a gift card for additional gardening supplies. All opinions, along with gardening skills or lack thereof, are my own. This winter, Chicagoans were surprised by spring-like weather in February,… Continue Reading

Happy Thanksgiving!

For Mara in Norway, my mom’s pumpkin pie recipe! I hope you’ll be able to convert my American measurements, Mara. My mom’s measurements aren’t exact, as you can tell, and we put the larger amount of spices in our pie. Favorite Pumpkin Pie 1 1/2 cups canned or mashed cooked pumpkin 3/4 cup sugar 1/2… Continue Reading

The Tuesday Before Thanksgiving

What do you write about on the Tuesday before Thanksgiving? (Writing a blog post every day has been very challenging for me this year!)┬áThe girls didn’t have school today, so we ran a couple of errands. It was mostly a pajama day, however! Pajama days are good to have every once in a while. I’m… Continue Reading

The Bake-Off

So here’s how it usually goes in my house. Today our church was hosting a praise, pizza and bake-off night. When the bake-off was first announced, I decided that I would make my famous Chicago Crunchy Cookies, a recipe I got from Gretchen over at Second Blooming. So this morning, I took the recipe out… Continue Reading

Cozy Dogs for Breakfast

It was the last morning of our Springfield trip, and there was one more thing on our bucket list. We had already visited the Lincoln Presidential Museum, Lincoln’s Tomb, and Lincoln’s New Salem. We had gotten lost while on hiking in the woods and searched for an original stretch of historical Route 66. We had… Continue Reading

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