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Your Spin Cycle Prompt {week of 7/14}

July is National Picnic Month! This week for The Spin Cycle, we’re writing about picnics! Where is your favorite picnic place? What is your favorite picnic food? Do you have a picnic tip or recipe to share? <a border=”0″ href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” /></a> Copy and paste the code in the box to add some Spin… Continue Reading

Your Spin Cycle Prompt {week of 7/7}

The Spin Cycle is back this week, although I’m a little late in posting today! Last night, I decided to read my book instead of writing a blog post…I stayed up way too late! So without further procrastination, here’s your prompt: Grow! Are your kids growing like weeds? Are the weeds growing in your garden?… Continue Reading

Your Spin Cycle Prompt {week of 6/16}

This week, Gretchen and I want to know all about your neighborhood! What kind of neighborhood do you live in? Do you even have neighbors? Where do you go in your neighborhood? Where are some of your hangouts? Take us on a tour of your neighborhood! <a border=”0″ href=”” target=”_blank”><img src=”” /></a> Grab the code… Continue Reading

Your Spin Cycle Prompt {week of 6/9}

Next Sunday is Father’s Day! This week on The Spin Cycle, we want to give fathers credit for all they do. Write about fathers and spin it any way you want to. Write about your own father; write about the way your husband fathers. Write about a television father or a father from a movie… Continue Reading

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