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What’s On Your Playlist?

I had this idea as I was on the treadmill, looking for a playlist to listen to. I have no idea if this is a good prompt, but let’s try it anyway!

Tell us about a playlist you’ve created. When do you listen to it? What songs are on it? Does it motivate or inspire you? Tell us about your playlist!

to sing
I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony.

If you haven’t created a playlist, write about the kind of music you like to listen to and when you listen to it. When you’re doing housework? Exercising? Or maybe when you’re on a road trip?

Write it up and link it here!

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Spring is Fickle

Every year, it seems like spring is a miracle. It happens some time in mid-March. All it takes is one warm day. All of a sudden, sprouts spring up out of the ground that was frozen just a week ago. Dead looking branches are suddenly full of life when fuzzy buds pop out on maple trees. The ice melts off the driveway that we got tired of shoveling, and the sidewalk chalk comes out.

chalk drawing

Another sign of spring is when your children start dragging dirt into the house and someone leaves muddy tracks on your freshly vacuumed carpet.

Spring is so fickle. We went on a hike last weekend in Moraine Hills State Park. As we walked, we began to shed layers in the warm sunshine.

Moraine State Park
Emmy and Lily walking their cousin dog, Bailey.

As we neared the lake, the breeze picked up. We began to scramble to put our layers back on! That layer of ice on the lake didn’t help matters.

frozen lake

Spring. It can’t decide if it’s coming or going! I hear it’s supposed to snow on Monday.

Happy First Day of Spring!

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Spring Is Coming!

This week is the Spring Equinox! The first day of spring will be on Friday, March 20! Last week, I waited anxiously for the sheet  of ice on my drive way to melt. This week, I can’t wait to get outside and look for little green sprouts in my garden. The piles of snow are slowly melting and the sun is feeling warm!

springing bunny

What do you love about Spring? Does it look like Spring where you live? Do you decorate for Spring? Write anything about Spring for the Spin Cycle this week, and link it up here!


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Be Involved {Spin Cycle}

My daughter’s friend told her mom that she wanted to work at a cupcake shop when she was older. Her mom told her, “Think bigger!” So she said, “I want to manage a cupcake shop!” Her mom replied, “Think even bigger!”

“I want to OWN a cupcake shop!” she finally said. That was more like it!

When I was a kid in the 70’s, there was a perfume commercial that was on T.V. all the time. A woman, dressed in a business suit, sang out “I can bring home the bacon, I can fry it up in a pan….” She could do everything, and do it well! She was a complete woman!

I was brought up believing that I could do anything and be anything I wanted to be. I felt empowered…most of the time. As they say, the school of life brings hard knocks. In 8th grade, I was ignored and belittled because I was the new kid. I struggled mightily with trigonometry in high school and received little help from the teacher. I was happy to get a C in that class when I was usually an A student. I was the smartest student in my Senior Physics class. One thing was holding me back; I was a girl. This story is a stereotype come to life, but it really happened; the football player who was struggling asked the nerdy boy who wore thick glasses for help, not me. I was getting better grades in Physics than all of them, and no one asked me for help. (Which was probably a good thing, now that I look back on it. I wouldn’t have cheated for anyone, either!)

Hello Dolly
My sister and I in our high school production of Hello, Dolly!

When I was 14, another event happened that showed me true empowerment; my mom had a mastectomy. Seems strange, doesn’t it, that a surgery some say is a mutilation of a woman’s body would be empowering? After her body healed, Mom showed me that losing a breast didn’t make her any less of a woman. She had four kids to take care of; she had a part time job, and she sang all the time. Little did I know that 13 years later, I would make the same decision when I had the same cancer.

Mom had seen a photo of a woman with a mastectomy showing off her tattooed scar; we planned for a long time to get our own mastectomy scars tattooed. Various reasons kept us from doing it, but the sentiment remains; a scar does not make me any less of a woman. (See that photo here; warning: it is beautiful but nude.)

Mom raised me to be a strong woman, but I am also a scaredy cat. I hate making phone calls. I get panicky at the thought of having to pick up the phone and call to make an appointment of any kind, even a haircut. I don’t like to walk into new places. I don’t want to ask for help finding something at the store. Sometimes, even I realize I’m just being silly and I seek out a salesperson to help me. I’ve even asked for help at Home Depot, all those aisles and aisles of various parts and pipes making it one of the most intimidating stores on Earth.

Loreeta and Christa
Mom and me; I was pregnant with Emmy

But I find that it’s not asking for help or having a job or being a mom that empowers me. It’s getting involved in something I feel strongly about…and sometimes maybe not as strongly. Being involved is as easy as saying, “I’ll do it!” when no one else will. It’s taking flowers to a congregation member who is confined to her home. Or reading to my child’s classroom. Or teaching 5th grade Sunday school, a task I dread every week and yet get so much out of. It’s getting out there and using my talents that empowers me.

I have been very pleased that while my children are both shy, they are also brave. Lily had chorus auditions for a solo part this past week, and she had the option of skipping chorus if she didn’t want to audition. I asked her about it, and she said, “Why wouldn’t I audition? I want a solo!”

Lily wants to do everything and be involved in as much as she can. I have to hold her back sometimes so that she doesn’t get too involved. As part of her K-Kids group, she is going to paint faces at the school’s fun fair tonight. Like mother, like daughter. Like grandmother, mother, and daughter.

What empowers you to be all you can be? Who has inspired you?

Link up your posts here, and be sure to visit more Spins; they are amazing!

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Women: We Can Do It!

This week we’re going to write about one of my favorite topics. Today is International Women’s Day, and the whole month of March is Women’s History Month. Is there a woman you admire? What do you think women can accomplish? Tell us about a historical woman who inspires you. Do have another idea for this topic? Write about it!

Come back any day this week and link up your post!

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