Hiding in Plain Sight {Book Review}

When I read that Angela’s novel was about to be published, I jumped at the chance to read it! I knew from being a contributor with Angela in the anthologies The Mother of All Meltdowns and Clash of the Couples that she is a talented writer. I couldn’t wait to read her book! Angela Evans’… Continue Reading


When I was a kid, rollerblading didn’t even exist. There was roller skating, and ice skating. If it hadn’t been for birthday parties at the roller rink in Paxton, Illinois, maybe I  never would have learned to roller skate. My first couples skate was holding hands with a boy named Quentin when we were literally… Continue Reading

Ten Things I Did in February Instead of Writing

Wait, what month is it? Is it March already? And I only wrote 3 posts in February? Hmm. I need to get writing! On President’s Day, I took my daughters rollerblading. I’ve been reading and adding titles to my Goodreads Challenge for 2016. One of the books I read is Hiding in Plain Sight, by… Continue Reading

Mud Season

The four seasons are why I love living in the Midwest. The past few winters, however, have almost done me in. It seemed like every single Saturday morning, I was slipping and sliding in my minivan on the way to piano lessons. As much as I love snow, I was tired of spending my afternoons… Continue Reading

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