Binging on Books and Other Things {Spin Cycle Prompt}

Binge: 2. excessive indulgence in anything: a shopping binge Lately, I’ve been binging on a Netflix show and I have a couple of books I can’t put down. It’s one of the reasons I haven’t been blogging very much. I also ate too many chocolates over the weekend. They weren’t from my husband, they were…Continue Reading

That Lovin’ Feeling {Spin Cycle}

After a preschool Valentine’s Day party as a teacher, a 4th grade party as a room mom, and a Brownies roller skating party, I’m ready to put my feet up. I spent way to much time cutting out hearts last night, you guys. The results were worth it, though. The fourth graders, even the boys,…Continue Reading

What Do You Love? {#SpinCycle Prompt}

Last week, I read an adorable book about love to my preschool students called “What Do You Love?” It talks about sunsets and hugs and playing outside in the Spring. Since Valentine’s Day is coming soon and Love is in the air, I want to know: What do you love? There are just so many…Continue Reading

Birthdays: Love ‘em or Hate ‘em? {Spin Cycle}

Do you love or hate your birthday? It seems like it’s an either/or sort of thing, doesn’t it? No matter how old I get, I love my birthday! I just love that my birthday is on 2/2, that it’s on a minor holiday named after an animal (Groundhog Day) and that my parents had to…Continue Reading

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