There Was This One Thanksgiving… {Spin Cycle Prompt}

On Thursday we’re celebrating Thanksgiving in the U.S. and I thought it would be fun to remember past Thanksgivings. This week on the Spin Cycle, share memories from past Thanksgivings; traditions, family gatherings or recipes, or write about one Thanksgiving that was really memorable. There was this one Thanksgiving…. Link up your Thanksgiving Spin any…Continue Reading

Crocodile Tears and Caramel Shakes

Whenever one child has a play date and the other one doesn’t, the puppy dog eyes fill with huge crocodile tears, the lower lip comes out, and the whining begins. “Why I don’t I ever have a play date?” I try to trick them with a special “date with Mommy,” which is code for running…Continue Reading

Light Pollution {Spin Cycle}

We were stopped at a red light. The soccer fields next to me were dark, but I could the lights of the planes lining up to land at O’Hare Airport. Every time I see the twinkling of those artificial stars, I’m in awe. To think that hundreds of people are up in the sky, traveling…Continue Reading

Why You Should Go to Bishop, California

Bishop is in the Central part of California, right between Yosemite National Park and Death Valley. Sometimes on vacation, we just stay in a place as a stopping ground to make our drive shorter. After driving through Yosemite, we swung up to Bodie State Park and decided to stay in Bishop before heading to Death…Continue Reading

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