Long Days

Parenting: the days are long but the years are short. I just read this quote on Facebook, and it suits what I was thinking tonight. I’m so tired and just want to kids to go to bed, and yet Emmy was giving me her “cute face.” She resists bedtime right up to the minute herContinue Reading

Writing Every Day {Spin Cycle Prompt}

This is now the 16th day in a row that I have written a blog post for NaBloPoMo. One of the things I love about NaBloPoMo is that it forces me to write. One of the things I hate about NaBloPoMo is that it forces me to write. Even when I’m tired or I don’tContinue Reading

Pizza and Movie Night

It seems like every weekend, we have one night that is pizza and movie night. I make my special homemade pizza with two boxes of Jiffy pizza crust mix spread into my large jelly roll pan. I use Pastorelli pizza sauce from Chicago, Illinois. The Lemon Drop Pie family pizza features pepperoni and onions, withContinue Reading

Forget-Me-Not {Spin Cycle}

I’ve always wanted Lily and Emmy to have cousins the same age as they are. They do have two older cousins on Ed’s side, but they are quite a bit older and really, not that fun to play with. They are more interested in sleeping when they come home for a visit. My siblings don’tContinue Reading

Clash of the Couples Is On Sale!

Clash of the Couples really is a labor of love. How can that be possible when it’s full of stories about couples arguing? Let me tell you a secret: I’ve only read a few of the stories in this book! However, the ones I have read are told with humor and love! Every couple bickersContinue Reading

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