Something Funny Happened in Florida

Ed loves to turn everything into an acronym. For example, he puts CRP (crushed red pepper) on his pizza. As we were waiting in line for a ride at Disney World, I hugged him and his ear touched my face. His ear was very cold, so I said, “Your ear is really cold!” He immediately…Continue Reading

Don’t Hate Me Because I Went to Disney World

It’s true; I just spent a whole week in the world of the Mouse, with warm, sunny days and cool, beautiful evenings. I have never, ever, ever been to Disney World before, and I was looking forward to our trip as much as Lily and Emmy were. I was looking forward to warmer weather, while…Continue Reading

Something funny happened on the way to…

This week is April Fool’s Day! Do you have a funny story to tell? What’s the last joke you heard? Did something embarrassing happen that you said you would laugh about…eventually? Did someone pull an epic April Fool’s Day joke on you, or did you get somebody? Tickle our funny bones and tell us something…Continue Reading

Eclectic Playlist

I have a variety of playlists on my little pink MP3 player, each created for a different activity or person. I made a playlist for Lily and Emmy with Princess songs, which includes songs from Beauty and the Beast, Tangled, a little Taylor Swift, and The Little Mermaid. And of course I had to add…Continue Reading

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