Be Involved {Spin Cycle}

My daughter’s friend told her mom that she wanted to work at a cupcake shop when she was older. Her mom told her, “Think bigger!” So she said, “I want to manage a cupcake shop!” Her mom replied, “Think even bigger!” “I want to OWN a cupcake shop!” she finally said. That was more like…Continue Reading

Women: We Can Do It!

This week we’re going to write about one of my favorite topics. Today is International Women’s Day, and the whole month of March is Women’s History Month. Is there a woman you admire? What do you think women can accomplish? Tell us about a historical woman who inspires you. Do have another idea for this…Continue Reading

When It All Comes Together For the Orchestra

Over the past few weeks, Lily was practicing her viola for her orchestra concert. One of her pieces was the theme from Dvorak’s New World Symphony, one of my favorites. What she was practicing, however, sounded nothing like the symphony I know. She is a beginning string player, so you can imagine what she sounds…Continue Reading

Coming Together {Spin Cycle Prompt}

We had TEN entries last week for the Spin Cycle! From 28 Memories to 28 Accomplishments Before 28 Years to 28 Things I Love About My Husband…all the Spins last week were so creative! I love coming up with an open-ended prompt that inspires you as writers. If you haven’t read all the 28 lists…Continue Reading

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