Staycation! {Spin Cycle}

Our family is lucky that we live close to a big city with a lot to offer. However, we rarely go into Chicago. During our Spring Break, I wanted to take my daughters downtown on the train, but I didn’t feel like braving the Spring Break crowds at the various museums. So instead, we didContinue Reading

Small Blogs Unite! {UBP14}

After blogging for almost six years, I’m still a small blogger. My stats are small. I read and enjoy every comment. (Except all the spammy ones. That’s what Aksimet is for!) I have never had a blog post or even a pin on Pinterest go “viral.” I’ve applied for blogging jobs and been rejected severalContinue Reading

Mother’s Day Giveaway Plus a Special Interview

I have such exciting news that I’m about ready to burst! The authors of The Mother of All Meltdowns are teaming up to give you a fantastic Mother’s Day Giveaway! There are so many great prizes, I wish I could win! I’m not eligible…but you are! Chocolate, flowers, jewelry, a getaway…and more! Not only that,Continue Reading

Your Spin Cycle Prompt {week of 3/31}

Our Spring Break is over. This morning, Lily is going back to 3rd grade, Emmy is going back to 1st grade, and I’m going back to preschool. As I’m looking at Facebook, though, some schools are just beginning their breaks! I know several families who are going to Florida and one person I know isContinue Reading

Why I’m an Illinois Field Mom

Just over a year ago, Mayor Crazyville approached me at a MOPS meeting. (Back then, I knew her by her real name, Sharon.) She asked me if I would be interested in becoming an Illinois Field Mom, and was surprised when I said “YES!” without hesitation! The Illinois Field Mom program through IL Farm FamiliesContinue Reading

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