#GrowYourFood, and then #ThankaFarmer

Do you #growyourfood? It seems to be one of the hashtags of the summer on Instagram, in my feed at least. And I think this is a very good thing for a number of reasons. For one thing, I have never bought a grocery store tomato that tastes as good as my uncle’s homegrown tomatoes.… Continue Reading

Ten Fashions of No Return

Why, yes, at some point in my 46 years, I have worn every single one of these fashion mistakes, and hope that they never come back into fashion! If you’ve lived through the 70’s, 80’s and 90’s, I’m sure you’ve endured these fashions as well. Pictured above is me, on my eighth birthday in 1977,… Continue Reading

The Spin Cycle is back!

Today just might be your favorite day of the year, since everyone loves watermelon. It’s National Watermelon Day! I, however, will not be celebrating. Unlike the whole world, I can’t stand the taste of watermelon. Even though my kids love it, I dread buying watermelon, because then I have to cut it up and I… Continue Reading

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