Junk Drawer {#TuesdayTen}

What exactly is a junk drawer? My junk drawer has always been in the kitchen, not full of kitchen utensils but rather “junk,” an assortment of useful and not-so-useful items that don’t really have another home. Sure, you could keep a screwdriver in a tool box, but then you’d have go into the basement to… Continue Reading

I Crave Routine

I woke up this morning feeling very vague and almost depressed. Preschool students will not be waiting for me this morning and I don’t need to take my kids to school. It’s been raining almost nonstop, and a lake is growing in my front yard (I’ll post a picture on Instagram). I just watched as… Continue Reading

Word Junkie

Put words in front of me, and I’ll read them. I’m a serial cereal box reader! I’ll read recipes that I have no intention of making. There’s a section of the highway that skirts around Chicago that is very dangerous for me to drive on because there are too many billboards. I have to consciously… Continue Reading

What’s On Your Book List?

This week on The Spin Cycle, let’s get reading! I’m so excited to have some time for summer reading. Blogs, books, the newspaper, whatever! What’s on your summer reading list? Share good books you have read, books you want to read, your favorite blogs, and magazines you love to page through. Are romances your guilty… Continue Reading

Making Our Food Choices Personal

In 1991, I moved to DeKalb, Illinois, to teach in a small farming community 17 miles southwest of DeKalb. In the years since then, it’s been easy to see that farmland is disappearing. New housing developments have cropped up around DeKalb and more strip malls are being built. The Chicago suburbs are expanding farther and… Continue Reading

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