Unprepared and Overwhelmed {Spin Cycle}

As I sit at my desk, I can hear the squirrels digging and rustling around in the leaves outside my dining room window. They are getting downright tubby, those little squirrels, as they prepare for winter. It has been a very strange week, and I wasn’t prepared for most the of the things that happened.…Continue Reading

Dream a Little Dream With Me {Tuesday Ten}

Ed and I joke about the house we’re going to retire in. It will be in the mountains, within driving distance to a beach and will be by a lake in the country. We especially talk about it when we’re driving west to Iowa and hit the rolling hills just east of the Mississippi River.…Continue Reading

Preparation {Spin Cycle Prompt, week of 12/1}

Preparation; sometimes the most important thing that you do. How do you prepare…for a test? For running a race? For hosting Christmas dinner? For writing a blog post? Are you preparing something right now? This week on The Spin Cycle, write about Preparation any day this week, and then link up here! I’ll share my…Continue Reading

There Was This One Thanksgiving…

There was this one Thanksgiving when my mom tripped while she was carrying corn to the table. The corn flew everywhere, and even stuck to the ceiling. We joked when we moved that there was probably corn still stuck in the rough, textured surface. As a pastor’s family, Thanksgiving was a little different for us.…Continue Reading

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