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Fish Lady

Our family pet keeps me company when I’m home alone. Some of you may remember that I was opposed to owning and taking care of our pet. I was not happy when Emmy received Stripe and Spotty for her birthday; no one had consulted me about this gift. In the end, I embraced the fish.… Continue Reading

The Life of Two Goldfish

My daughter Lily enjoyed writing on my blog so much last week that she decided Saturday is her day on Lemon Drop Pie. Here she is, writing again!   Hi, it’s Lily. I have two pet goldfish, Stripe and Spotty. I got them on Aug. 5, 2012. One week after that Spotty died. I was… Continue Reading

The Hawk’s Cry

The cry of the hawk, reaching my ears even through the closed windows of my house, reminds me instantly of my grandparent’s house. My grandfather built his house on the side of a tall, tall hill, at the end of a street, at the edge of the woods. My sister and I would climb up… Continue Reading

Embracing the Fish

Embracing the Fish

My nephew was carrying a clear plastic bag to the door. I was looking out the window and I could see the bag, puffed up with air, and half filled with water. My in-laws had brought two goldfish as a birthday present for Emmy. Yes, I’ll admit it. My first thought was “Fish. Crap!” It… Continue Reading

Camping in Our Own Backyard

Camping in Our Own Backyard

Ed was determined to go camping this summer. DETERMINED! However, it was really hot this summer. We were also really busy. So he had a brilliant idea. We were going camping…in our backyard. We would pick a cooler weekend, and all we had to do was set aside one night instead of the whole weekend.… Continue Reading

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