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Birthday Birthday!

Someone crawled into my bed this morning at 5:30 a.m. Someone is so excited this morning, and has not adjusted to the time change yet. Today, Lily is 9 years old!

Since I have been participating in NaBloPoMo every November for a few years, Lily always gets a birthday post. Emmy’s birthday, however, is at the end of July. This summer it was right in the middle of BlogHer13, VBS and our Grand Canyon vacation. I mean to blog about Emmy’s birthday, but somehow it slips right past me.

This summer, Emmy turned 6 years old! Emmy is kitty-crazy, so she planned her own kitty birthday party. We rented a room at the park district, ordered a bunch of pizzas, and invited 30 of Emmy’s friends. To my amazement, most of them came! Fortunately, my sisters were there to help me with our crazy party; I meant to take more pictures, but Emmy’s guests kept me very busy! Emmy wanted to play cat cat mouse (the cat version of duck duck goose), pin the tail on the cat, and going on a mouse hunt. Party favors were kitty ear headbands and little fuzzy toy mice. Everyone had a meow-velous time!

kitty cat

This past weekend, the family celebrated Lily’s 9th birthday. Lily does not like birthday cake. At first, it broke my heart because I wanted to make her homemade birthday cakes just like my mom did for me growing up. I’ve learned that I can still make Lily fun desserts, but they are just not traditional cakes. Last year, I made homemade strawberry shortcake. This year, I made a layered Jello dessert with an Oreo crust. My sweet daughter loves fresh berries, so I topped it with raspberries.

Lily's 9

Over 9 years ago, I gave up my teaching job in a top suburban school district to stay at home with my baby. To this day, it is a decision I still struggle with; I loved my job and spent 13 years in the classroom. Motherhood is the best thing that has happened to me, and I love watching my little girls grow up. I’m so proud of all the things they have already accomplished.

Happy Birthday to both my sweet little girls!


No Birthday Cake Here

The chocolate brownie ice cream cake was lopsided. And there was frost covering one side of it. I couldn’t even finish my piece, not because I was full, but because it just didn’t taste that good.

Lily had requested an ice cream cake for her 7th birthday, and to tell you the truth, I was crushed. I enjoy baking her cake at home and decorating it myself. Somewhere between her sixth and seventh birthdays, however, she decided that cake was not her thing. Enter the lopsided brownie ice cream cake from the generic ice cream shop down the street.

For her 8th birthday, Lily wanted an ice cream cake again. I inwardly sighed and decided I had to buy it from a different place; a place where hopefully the cake would be frost free.

But then, a couple of days before her birthday, Lily changed her mind. She wanted something fruity.

Something strawberry! Something creamy! Something delicious!

strawberry shortcake
Strawberry shortcake for Lily’s 8th birthday!

I was happy to oblige.


Happy Birthday, Lily!

Eight years ago on a beautiful fall day, my oldest daughter Lily was born two weeks early. She arrived with a healthy set of lungs, and completely changed our lives.

Family of three, 2004

She held us captive since she was born. We knew she was the cutest baby ever.

Fall of 2005

And how she grew! Before we knew it she was walking and then running and then climbing around the playground.

At the playground in 2006

When she was three, she had to learn how to coexist with a new addition to the family. As long as she had Mommy’s attention, she did okay.

Naptime on Mommy, Fall 2007

Jumping ahead a few years, Lily is now a second grader, as cute and clever as ever. Happy 8th Birthday, Lily!

Lily at her 2nd grade Halloween party, 2012


Let Them (not) Eat Cake

This is the first year I did not bake a birthday cake for either one of my children.

Baking and decorating birthday cakes have always been a source of pride for me. I’m not particularly talented at cake-baking; I actually implored my readers last year NOT to report Lily’s Ariel cake to the Cake Wreck website. Even though Ariel wasn’t the best cake design, I’m quite proud of the Hello Kitty cake I made for Emmy one year.

One reason I have always insisted on baking cakes for Emmy and Lily is because I still remember the cakes my mom baked for me on my birthday. I especially remember the cake during my horse-crazy year. Mom melted down chocolate chips to make a paper-thin sheet of chocolate, cut out a horse silhouette, and put it on the top of my cake. I loved that cake!

But this year, birthday cakes at our house have been doomed. Emmy’s birthday was on the same weekend as my Dad’s wedding in Iowa, and so we had a little party with a cake I bought. Lily has informed me that she now hates cake and so she requested a brownie ice-cream cake from the store.

What? No special cakes decorated by Mommy?

I have decided that next year, I will reinstate the birthday cake tradition! And if Lily decides not to actually eat the cake, then so be it! That’s more cake for me!

Lily may not have wanted cake for her birthday, but she did request that I make homemade pizza. So I baked three pizzas this weekend. It’s not cake, but at least I did make something for Lily on her seventh birthday.

Lily may not eat cake, but watch out! That girl LOVES her pizza!

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