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Just a Fluff Post

Just a Fluff Post

Oh, what a week. I’m sipping my third cup of coffee this morning. Hubby dearest forgot to prep the coffee pot last night for his early morning, so I have the whole pot to myself. It’s not gourmet coffee, but it’s a good cup of coffee. Just as Hubby like to buy his summer sausage in bulk, he also likes to buy our coffee in bulk.

My bloggy friend Paloma hosts Coffee Friday, so if you like coffee, visit her blog for some coffee treats!

The Coffee Shop

I’m looking at a disaster of a living room, knowing that if I pick up all the toys and vacuum I’ll feel soooo much better. But first, a blog post. If you’re looking for a blog post with substance, you won’t find it here.

It seems like it’s been a busy week. We had a new roof put on our house on Wednesday. I was so pleased when they finished in a day! But what a noisy day it was. I had to escape to the library for the afternoon. At least both Lily and Emmy were at school. I kept Lily home on Tuesday because she was sick, so I was worried that we would be home bound during the roof installation. Fortunately, Lily felt fine on Wednesday, and since she is a second grader, she wanted to go back to school. Emmy, on the other hand, said she had a fever and needed to stay home. She didn’t, on both counts.

And OH! Trying to keep up with all my social media accounts has been a challenge. I have always wanted to try this BlogFrog Community snippet on my blog, so I’m trying it out today. (see below) One of my conversations is about Facebook Friday. If you have a Facebook Page, be sure to leave your page’s link to get some more likes/comments today!

What has your week been like?


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Time to Pound the Pavement {Spin Cycle}

Time to Pound the Pavement {Spin Cycle}

Exercise. It’s a four letter word times two. Exercise is a word we love to hate.

Many of you know that for my exercise, I love to walk. I have walked long, long distances for a good cause.

Over the summer, I was in the habit of getting up early to walk. My alarm would go off at 5am. I would drag myself out of bed just before Ed’s final snooze, throw my exercise clothes on and head out the door as Ed got into the shower. During our hot, hot summer the morning was the best time to walk. The sun was just rising; the air was still cool, (or as cool as it was going to be that day) and the whole world was quiet. I would come home feeling great, kiss Ed goodbye as he pulled out of the driveway and head inside for my morning cup of coffee with the newspaper.

I have a confession to make. Some people love to walk with a companion, to have someone else to chat with and to help set the pace. I hate it. I’m a loner. I don’t want to talk; I want to set my own pace, thankyouverymuch. I want to plug those ear buds in, listen to my playlists and be in a world all by my lonesome. Sometimes I want nothing more than to listen to the sounds around me; the wind blowing though the tree, the birds, the distant traffic. I crave the alone time and the thinking time. Walking is contemplative for me. I can’t be contemplative with someone blabbing the whole time about how slouching is bad for my digestion.

Everything was going so well and I was really racking up the summer miles.

Then one weekend, I caught a fever.

No, really, an honest to goodness fever. My temperature was over 100, so I spent the weekend resting and reading. No walking for me.

Then I just got out of the habit. Just like that. School started for the kids, I started teaching again, and I’m tired. I don’t want to get up at 5am anymore. It’s too dark. It’s too cold.

I miss the way it felt. How addicting it was to get my muscles moving; to get my heart pumping. To try to walk faster each day; to try shoot for that 15 minutes mile.

Today, the calendar is clear. Today, after I drop off the girls at school, I’m going for that walk. I’ll keep you updated.

Spin Cycle at Second Blooming

And because I mentioned coffee up there in the first paragraph, I’m linking up to Coffee Friday. (I finally remembered, Paloma!)

The Coffee Shop

It’s the Small Things: Coffee and the Paper

I hardly ever see my husband before he leaves for work in the morning. I’ve grown immune to his alarm, which goes off when it’s still dark outside. My day starts about a half hour after he leaves, and the first thing I do is go downstairs to pour myself a cup of coffee.

Having that cup o’ joe waiting for me is a wonderful small thing that starts my day off right! Ed makes coffee at night, and then sets the timer for morning brewing. What else helps my morning get off on the right foot? Every once in a while, when I walk to the front door, this is what I see:

My newspaper on the front porch! I love my morning paper! I can bend down and grab it, without putting on my shoes and hiding my pj’s under a coat. My newspaper is usually waaaay out here:

Look at how far away my newspaper is! The paper boy doesn’t exist in our neighborhood anymore… how about in your neck of the woods? My paper is delivered by someone throwing the paper out of a car window in the wee hours of the morning. Can you even see my newspaper? Here, I’ll help you out:

These photos are from about a month ago. Now, imagine a nice layer of snow and ice, and you’ll know what I’m seeing out of my front door these days. The blue plastic bags they put the paper in helps me spot that sneaky paper in the snow. Every once in a while, my husband will collect the paper for me when he’s going to work, and bring up to the porch. Especially when it’s raining. It’s the small things!

Now, if only I had time to actually sit down and READ the paper. That would REALLY make my mornings great.

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Screeching Tires and Tread Marks

I got into my minivan, started it, and looked at the digital display. It was only a few minutes to three. Not bad, I thought…my entire mammogram appointment had taken less than an hour.

I backed out of my spot and drove slowly in a spiral, down the hospital’s parking ramp. At the bottom of the ramp, there is an “S” turn to get to the small ramp that goes up to the cashier booths. My ticket was validated, so I anticipated driving up to the cashier and going on my way.

As I steered around the middle curve of the “S”, I saw a car at the top of the ramp to the left side. The driver’s door was open, and an older woman was halfway out of the car. She stepped out of her car, and it looked like she was trying to push the car up the ramp to the cashier booth. I didn’t drive any closer to her — I wasn’t sure what she was doing. If she had car trouble, she was in a perfect place to just put the car in park and go get help.

She sat back down in the driver’s seat, with her left foot sticking out of the car. Slowly, the car began to roll backwards, diagonally down the ramp. It looked like the woman was trying to stop the car with her left foot!

The car kept rolling backwards, right toward me! She’s not going to stop! I thought, and I put my van in reverse as her car picked up speed. I backed up quickly, steering backward around the “S” curve, looking wildly behind me and at the car headed straight for me. There was a CRASH as the car hit the rear end of a parked SUV. The car pushed the SUV toward the wall, and the car finally stopped its backward descent down the ramp. I heard a honk as another car came up behind me, the driver oblivious to what had just happened.

Shaking, I put my van into drive, drove up to a parking spot, and let the car behind me pass. I got out my phone, and headed toward the woman from the runaway car to see if she was okay. She was visibly shaking, but otherwise was unhurt. She asked if she could use my phone to call her husband, even though my intent had been to call the police. A man walking by said he would call public safety for us.

I gave the woman my phone. She was shaking so much she couldn’t dial the number, and I offered to dial it for her. It took three times for her to remember the correct number to dial, and she was finally able to talk to her husband. She spoke to him in her first language, and after she hung up and thanked me, she told me the brakes didn’t work on her car. I waited with her for public safety to show up, which happened in a matter of minutes. I gave the officer my name and number, and went on my way.

Although the woman’s car had seemed like it was speeding toward me, in reality it probably never reached 15 miles per hour. The damage to both cars was minimal, to my eye, at least. No one was hurt, and I’m grateful that the girls were at home with a babysitter. I drove in the direction of my house carefully, still shaken up. Since I had a babysitter, I pulled into a Starbucks and bought myself a grande Cafe Mocha–full strength, 2% milk, please!

A New Routine

Ed’s alarm went off twice, and he shook me awake. “I was up a lot with Lily last night,” I mumbled. She had had trouble sleeping; perhaps she is too excited about starting Kindergarten to sleep.

“Ginny…” Ed said. I got up.

As I stepped out the door early this morning, the cool air caressed my skin. I was wearing shorts and a T-shirt, but I wasn’t cold; after many hot, summer days I craved this coolness. I started walking in the darkness.

As I reached my destination, I saw a white fog covering the wide open area I was about to enter. There was no other movement; everything was calm and quiet.

Two times around the track;
must get back, must get back.

I rounded the first corner, and the sky was starting to lighten. As I rounded the second corner, I looked to the west. A large orange globe was kissing the tops of the trees. Although yet to be seen, the sun was making the moon blush brilliantly.

I rounded the third corner, and then the fourth corner.

Two times around the track;
must get back, must get back.

A man and his fluffy white dog appeared, and we muttered “Good morning” to each other. The sky lightened even further, into a clear blue. The fog was disappearing, but the coolness of the early morning air remained.

I finished my second circling of the track, and headed back toward home. Even though the sun was still not visible, morning had arrived. I picked up the paper in the driveway and quietly went inside. Ed was gathering his lunch together and pouring coffee in his travel mug.

“Aren’t you glad you got up?” he asked.

“I guess,” I said with a smile.


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