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Past Hallowe’ens

It’s almost Halloween! The SITS Girls are sponsoring a Canon Rebel giveaway this weekend…it’s their way of throwing a Halloween Blog Party!

Halloween memories…. There was the time I wore a clown costume that was too large for me, and we got caught in the pouring rain while trick-or-treating. One year, I was invited to a friend’s Halloween party, and we tried bobbing for apples. No one successfully into bit an apple, but everyone got soaked trying!

Remember the days when it was safe to eat homemade treats? I really disliked getting popcorn balls because they hurt my teeth, but gooey, marshmallow-ey Rice Krispy bars were oh-so-good! I ate all of my goodies right away, but my sister prided herself on saving her candy until Easter.

And the costumes! Dressing up on Halloween was so much fun! My dad sent us an email just yesterday, asking about our costumes as kids. He got a flurry of emails as a response. I thought, why not let these emails be part of my post? The following emails are real; however, names and email addresses have been changed.


From: jim@outtopastor.com
To: tony@mathplus.edu; ginny@lemondroppie.net; jamie@waterworld.com; ed@imtheman.com; mmb@musicprof.edu; hjmb@iheartart.com

Dear kids, I think about a lot of things — today I am thinking about any halloween costumes you kids might have worn. And you know I can’t remember much of anything, except the famous tiger costume that Jamie wore when he was little and ran right into Grandma G’s house!!! I still smile at that picture in my head.

But you know what, did you kids dress up much at halloween? for school parties? or what? write and tell me if you remember. I suppose there must be pictures?

Anyway, like to hear from you if you remember anything.

Tony and Ed? Did you ever wear costumes at Halloween?

much love, dad/jim

RE: costumes

From: ed@imtheman.com
To: jim@outtopastor.com
Cc: tony@mathplus.edu; ginny@lemondroppie.net; jamie@waterworld.com; mmb@musicprof.edu; hjmb@iheartart.com


I was never much for costumes…probably because I’m too lazy to put any thought or effort into one. My favorite costume was when Emmy was a chili pepper!


RE: costumes

From: jamie@waterworld.com
To: jim@outtopastor.com
Cc: tony@mathplus.edu; ginny@lemondroppie.net; ed@imtheman.com; mmb@musicprof.edu; hjmb@iheartart.com

We should look for pictures. Other than the tiger, I don’t remember. I seem to remember wearing something in grade school, maybe something mom made.  I am now curious. -Jamie

RE: costumes

To: jim@outtopastor.com
From: ginny@lemondroppie.net
Cc: tony@mathplus.edu; jamie@waterworld.com; ed@imtheman.com; mmb@musicprof.edu; hjmb@iheartart.com

Dad, look in that green photo album which is in the little nightstand in the guest room. There are pictures of Meredith and me dressed up as witches! Mom always said she didn’t know why she picked out such scary masks for us, since she didn’t like Halloween in the first place!


RE: costumes

To: ginny@lemondroppie.net
From: mmb@musicprof.edu
Cc: jim@outtopastor.com; tony@mathplus.edu; jamie@waterworld.com; ed@imtheman.com; hjmb@iheartart.com

And, of course, there were the bat costumes that Mom made for us — those were Ginny’s favorites for a long time, I think!

Love, Meredith

RE: costumes

To: mmb@musicprof.edu
From: jamie@waterworld.com;
Cc: jim@outtopastor.com; ginny@lemondroppie.net; tony@mathplus.edu; ed@imtheman.com; hjmb@iheartart.com

I think that might be what I wore! I remember wrist straps and the black wings. -Jamie

RE: costumes

To: jamie@waterworld.com
From: mmb@musicprof.edu
Cc: jim@outtopastor.com; ginny@lemondroppie.net; tony@mathplus.edu; ed@imtheman.com; hjmb@iheartart.com

Yep, that’s the one! I wonder if those are still in the basement somewhere?

Love to you all,

RE: costumes

From: jim@outtopastor.com
To: tony@mathplus.edu; ginny@lemondroppie.net; jamie@waterworld.com; ed@imtheman.com; mmb@musicprof.edu; hjmb@iheartart.com

Dear you all, I didn’t think I’d get such quick responses. I now remember the witch masks (the pictures are here) and now I remember the bat costumes also; I wonder too if they are here somewhere. much love, dad. sunny; think I’ll stain a little deck yet.

Tomorrow’s post…Halloween crafts!

Seventeen Cents

Mike and Jane were married for a long time. Mike brought home the money; Jane took care of the money. Mike didn’t even know how to get money out of the bank. When he needed money, he would tell Jane, “All I have is seventeen cents, Jane.” Jane would roll her eyes and grumble a bit as she went to the bank to get Mike some cash.

Every time Mike needed money, he would tell his wife, “All I have is seventeen cents!” It was his job to bring home the money; Jane took care of the money.

As time went on, Mike and Jane raised a family. Their family grew, and they welcomed son-in-laws and daughter-in-laws and grandchildren into the family. Mike would still tell Jane, “All I have is seventeen cents, Jane!” when he needed money.

Sadly, Mike passed away. Jane continued on, taking care of the money.

When Jane passed away shortly after her 90th birthday, her daughter went through Jane’s estate and paid all the bills that come with dying.

After everything was settled, there was little money left. In her bank account, Jane had exactly seventeen cents.

Jane has been gone for a little more than a year. I attended her funeral on a Beautiful Day.

Conversations in the Kitchen

Emmy follows me around the kitchen. “Mommy, where is my Santa Claus?”

“Your what?” It’s March. Why is she looking for Santa Claus?

“Mommy, I want my Santa Claus!” Emmy insisted. I racked my brain to figure out what she was talking about. It finally dawned on me that over the weekend, Ed had bought Emmy her own dental floss.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
As you can imagine, two and a half year old Emmy is struggling to wrap her head around Grandma being gone. “Grandma is sick,” she’ll often say. “When will Grandma get better?”

Lily, in her wise old age of five, will answer Emmy with an answer she’s heard me give: “Grandma’s all better now because she’s in heaven.”

“Mommy, don’t die.” Emmy says as I look at her.

“Mommy, how old will you be when you die?” follows up Lily in this unsettling conversation I am having with my children.

“One hundred!” I exclaim.

“Why, Mom?”

“Because I would miss you too much to die.”

Lily reprimands me, saying, “Heaven is magical, Mommy. People don’t miss each other when they are in heaven.”

Heaven has no time, my mother once told me. She believed that once you got to Heaven, you wouldn’t feel like you were waiting for your loved ones to join you.

How did Lily know?


Conversations Outside the Preschool Door: Do Your Kids Play with Toy Guns?

While I was in the bathroom yesterday morning, getting ready for church, Lily and Emmy were dancing in my bedroom, wearing their fancy dresses for church and their fairy wings. They pranced around, waving their fairy wands. All of a sudden, I heard Lily say, “You’re dead!” to Emmy. What? Did I hear that right?

I walked into the bedroom, and Lily had a small, orange water gun. She explained that they were playing “Good Fairy, Bad Fairy.” Emmy started whacking Lily with her fairy wand, and I confiscated it.

I had always been told that boys will pick up sticks to use as guns, or use their fingers to shoot their friends as they play. I never expected this from my girls! Here we were, preparing to go worship the Prince of Peace, and Lily and Emmy are running around pretending to kill each other!

While I didn’t actually take the water gun away, I stopped the game and we went downstairs to go to church. The rest of our day was relatively peaceful, if I don’t count the normal bickering and rough housing the girls do!

Do you let your children play pretend with guns, and let them “kill” each other? I’d like to hear your opinions!

Join the conversation in the Lemon Drop Pie Community, or leave a comment below!

Conversations Outside the Preschool Door: Has Breast Cancer Touched Your Life?

At the beginning of December, I returned home from burying my mother. I had a broken heart, and reentering “normal” life seemed difficult. One of Lily’s best friends had a birthday party, and it would be the first time I would be socializing with the parents of her preschool friends after Mom’s death. Lily had missed a week of school, and I had to postpone her birthday party, so they all knew about Mom’s death.

I am not close friends with any of the parents of Lily’s preschool friends, but they showed me such warmth and compassion that they made such a difference in the week of our return.

As I was talking with one of the moms, she shared with me her story. Her grandmother had died from breast cancer, and her mom was diagnosed with ovarian cancer and died soon after. With this history of cancer, this mom’s doctor wanted her to see a genetic counselor. With this history of cancer, this mom is terrified of what the genetic counselor will discover, so she has yet to make the appointment.

As we talked, we discovered that our doctors recommended the same genetic counselor. I keep meaning to make that appointment for myself, and I told her I let her know what the whole process was like.

This whole conversation wasn’t a quiet tete-a-tete over a cup of coffee. We were in the middle of Chuck E. Cheese’s, surrounded by flashing lights, running and squealing kids, and a big, wandering mascot mouse!

There are so many people I know whose lives have been touched somehow by breast cancer, and so I’m bringing the question to you:

How has your life been touched by breast cancer?

Leave a comment here, or go to the Lemon Drop Pie Community and join the conversation!

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