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Car Trip! {Spin Cycle}

Car Trip! {Spin Cycle}

Note: I’m also guest posting today…will you do me favor and visit Esther, too, at Laugh With Us Blog? Tell her Ginny sent you! Thanks. I didn’t fly in a plane until the summer after I graduated from college. Before then, the only trips I had taken were mostly car trips with the family. Our… Continue Reading

Choir Tour!

When I was young, traveling meant driving in the family’s large, four-door brown Oldsmobile. We had assigned seats to prevent fighting among us four kids. My spot was behind Dad, the driver. My baby sister sat next to me, and my older little sister sat behind Mom. My baby brother sat in the middle up… Continue Reading

Cousins and Friends: College Years

I am guest hosting “My Young Adult Years,” a project to record my youth, over at Mommy’s Piggy Tales today. This is the post I wrote about Friends and Fellowship. Please visit Mommy’s Piggy Tales to link up your own story of Your Young Adult Years! A flashback of college life Last Saturday, I attended… Continue Reading

The Zip Line

I’m not sure if I have a fear of heights or a fear of losing control. Maybe a little bit of both. I’ve never had a desire to learn, say, rock climbing. Which is a little contradictory to my love of roller coasters. In a roller coaster, however, you so are completely strapped in that… Continue Reading

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