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Easter Scavenger Hunt {Spin Cycle}

I started a new Easter tradition a couple of years ago with Lily and Emmy. I wanted to do something special at home; my sister-in-law would have an egg hunt at her house, and I always give the girls Easter baskets. *Ahem* I meant to say that the Easter bunny brings Easter baskets for the girls.

I decided to put clues inside plastic eggs instead of candy. The clues would lead the girls to an Easter present. The first year, I gave them roller blades. I had wanted to buy them and needed a good excuse, so they became Easter gifts. Last year, my gifts weren’t as extravagant as you can see in the video below. You will also get to see my messy house…ignore that part, please! Since Emmy couldn’t read yet, she handed the eggs to Lily and Lily read the clue.

Click here to watch on YouTube.

Preparations for this annual Easter scavenger hunt are on underway. I still need to think up some new clues and wrap the new presents! This year, Lily and Emmy will be getting (SHHH!) My Little Ponies.

Other preparations are underway, too. I have the ham in the fridge. Last night, the choir rehearsed our Alleluias in preparation for Easter morning. And loyal church volunteers worked in the dark to set up the tomb, which Roman guards will watch over this weekend. On Easter morning, the guards will be gone and the tomb will be empty! He is Risen!

guarded tomb

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NOT What You Think About in Spring

It’s finally Spring! When I asked people what they thought about when they heard the word “Spring” a couple of weeks ago, I got a lot of fun answers. Bounce, flowers, warm, hurry and PLEASE were just a few of the answers. One answer I did NOT get was…the stomach flu.

Easter Sunday, our household was hit by that terrible germ. Only Lily got sick, but boy oh boy, did she get sick. I knew she wasn’t feeling well when she wanted to go upstairs and lie down. At 4:00 in the afternoon! That is not like my Lily at all, especially since we had the family over for Easter dinner! Not long after she decided to rest, she came down to get me. “Mommy, I just threw up two times.”

Oh, my, not the words I wanted to hear as I was preparing food for 10 people! Being eight years old, however, she did make it to the bathroom on time. Ed stayed up in her room with her, reading and consoling her, while I carried on below. She was up quite a few times that night, and her stomach didn’t settle until Tuesday morning.

Fortunately, this bout of tummy trouble didn’t happen until AFTER Lily had some Easter fun. On Saturday, the girls went with Ed to our church’s Easter Egg Hunt, and they came home with their baskets OVERFLOWING with eggs.

An Easter Bunny hug for my two girls!
The bunny with my honey

Another blessing: it’s Friday, Lily is back to her normal happy and healthy self, and NO ONE else has gotten sick. I’m crossing my fingers and knocking on wood!

How has your Spring been so far?

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Tips and Tricks: Bunny Pops!

Last week I tried to make cake pops for Tips and Tricks Tuesday. They were a disaster.

I made the cake crumbs too small, added too much frosting, and didn’t have a proper holder for the cake pops to dry after I dipped them. They tasted horrible (too much frosting, not enough cake) and they kept falling off the sticks.

Since the cake pops weren’t cooperating for me, I decided to go with marshmallow pops for an easy Easter treat instead. I had a lot of success with Candy Corn Marshmallow Pops for Halloween, so why not?

To make these Bunny Marshmallow Pops, you will need:

lollipop sticks
regular sized marshmallows
dark chocolate candy melts
green candy melts (or use candy melt gel colors to dye white candy melts)
green colored coconut flakes (optional)
bunny peeps

Melt the dark chocolate candy melts with a double boiler or in the microwave. Dip the marshmallows in the chocolate and allow the candy to set completely. While the chocolate is setting, prepare your green chocolate. Using a kitchen shears, snip the heads of the bunny peeps off of the body. Feel free to sing “Little Bunny Foo-Foo” as you snip (for field mice revenge).


We used a small colander to hold some of the pops, but it didn’t hold that many, so I also placed some in water glasses.


When the chocolate is set, dip the tops into green candy melts. I thought it would be cute to add green coconut also, but I didn’t have any. (Typical!) Press the bunny head into the green candy and let it set.



Happy Easter!

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Tips and Tricks: Resurrection Rolls

Talking to children about the real meaning of Christmas is easy. There’s a baby born in a stable with farm animals! Angels! Shepherds! SHEEP! Yes, the Christmas Story is quite kid-friendly.

The Easter Story is a little more difficult, however. In order to get to the happy part (Jesus Lives!) you have to tell the sad part–the part where Jesus dies on the cross because we are sinners. In reality, I think adults have much more trouble talking about death and sin than children do. Fortunately, there are ways to tell this story that are fun and also share the importance of Easter.

We read these Easter books to learn about Jesus’ death and Resurrection

One way is to bake Resurrection Rolls. I’m not sure where the original recipe comes from, but it has been floating around the internet for years.

To make them, you will need refrigerated crescent rolls, marshmallows, melted butter, and a mix of cinnamon and sugar.

Take the marshmallow, and explain that the marshmallow represents Jesus. (Since I actually did these steps with my children, I don’t have pictures. Oops!) Dip the marshmallow into the melted butter and roll it in the cinnamon sugar. This represents the oil and spices with which the women prepared Jesus’ body. Next, wrap the marshmallow with one triangle of crescent roll dough. This represents the cloth wrapped around Jesus’ body. Pinch the dough together well.

Bake the crescent rolls in the oven as directed on the package. The oven represents the tomb. (I kept forgetting this, and thinking that the crescent rolls were the tomb! Doesn’t the roll below look tomb-like?)


The marshmallow melts in the oven! Talk about the resurrection with your children, and how there was an empty tomb on Easter morning!

Of course, my children (who should know better) began to talk about how they were eating Jesus. They weren’t being disrespectful–after all, aren’t we given Jesus’ body and blood during Holy Communion?–and I gently reminded them what the roll represented.

Do you have any Easter activities you do with your kids? Share in the comments, please!

Link up any tips you’ve blogged about in the linky below. (They do not need to be Easter related.)


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