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Easy Groundhog Day Craft and Song

Groundhog Day is one of my favorite days! (Psst…February 2nd is my birthday!) Of course you know that a groundhog has no relation to a pig, but did you know that a groundhog is also called a woodchuck? So it would be entirely appropriate to say, “How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a… Continue Reading

The Summer Cold

It’s inevitable when you are the mom of two little girls AND a preschool teacher. The germs are going to catch up with you no matter how much you wash your hands and take your vitamins. It happened to me on Sunday evening. It’s the dreaded summer cold. Technically, it’s not summer. Our weather in… Continue Reading

Emmy Vlogs!

This week, I turned the vlogging over to Emmy. It’s not pretty; there’s a ton of footage of her footy pajamas and too many Taylor Swift covers. Also, you may feel a little woozy from the camera work as you watch. You have been warned. 5.) Give your child your camera and share what they… Continue Reading

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