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November Third

It’s Day 3 of NaBloPoMo! So, what’s been going on?

I didn’t get much sleep last night, due to my 10 year old’s post nasal drip coughing. Ugh! I did everything I could for her; raised her head with another pillow, gave her a spoonful of honey, heated up a heating pad for her chest, and gave her cough medicine, which did nothing. Tonight she went to bed and is sleeping soundly with no coughing…yet. I hope she sleeps well tonight!

At work today, I had a surprise visit from the village health inspector…right as we were finishing up a messy fingerpainting project. Of course. The preschool passed the inspection with flying colors! I was pretty pleased, since this is the first time I’ve been in charge for an inspection.

The trees are changing colors, finally. It’s been hard to predict what the trees are going to do this fall. We had two months of drought, then a lot of rain, and also a lot of warm weather. Now it’s cold, and the trees are finally getting the message that fall is here!

How was your day?






It Doesn’t Always Work Out

I had this great idea tonight. I wanted to see the moon when it rose. It’s still close to being a full, “supermoon,” so I checked the paper to see what time moonrise would be today: 5:08 pm. I threw some pork chops and potatoes in the oven, got the girls to put on their shoes, and we headed for the park to see the moon.

Well, it turns out with all the trees we have, even at the park we couldn’t see the moonrise. We waited for about 20 minutes. The weather was gorgeous for a November evening; the sky was clear and the temperature was in the 50’s. The girls and I sat on the swings and talked. Before the moon could peek over the tops of the trees, we had to go home. I didn’t want my pork chops and potatoes to burn, plus I had to get Lily to a choir rehearsal.

Lily and I saw the full moon as we drove to her rehearsal, and it was beautiful.






Leaf Season

Fall Leaves

Every fall my girls love when Ed rakes up a big pile of leaves, and then they jump right in!


This year, they raked up their leaf pile by themselves, and they have been jumping in the leaves every chance they get!


There is a problem with leaf season, however. Leaf piles also somehow start forming inside the house as well as outside the house!

I’m not complaining. Pretty soon it will be snow season…and I’m not ready for that!


I’ve lost that lovin’ feeling for Fall {Tuesday Ten}

front of combine

After last year’s long, cold and snowy winter, I hardly want to think about Fall. This is not like me; I love how the seasons change in the Midwest. So maybe listing my favorite things about Fall for Lisa and Rabia’s Tuesday Ten will help me love Fall again.

1. I love pumpkins. Going to the pumpkin patch to pick your own pumpkins is so fun. Carving pumpkins, roasting the seeds, making pumpkin bars–all such a fun part of Fall. Unfortunately, the squirrels at my house love pumpkins, too, and as soon as I put a pumpkin on the porch, the squirrels start snacking on it. (Side note: I don’t like the pumpkin spice latte from a certain popular coffee shop that most suburban moms seem to go nuts over.)

2. Being able to wear my comfy, gray sweater. It’s started to show its age, but I love slipping into my sweater every fall!

3. Using my crock pot. I love having a meal ready and waiting for me at dinner time! You’ll be surprised at what I found in my purse in the vlog below.

4. I love walking through the dry leaves and crunching them with my feet!

5. Watching corn get harvested. Last Fall, I was able to ride a combine. It was such a fun ride as part of my experience as a Field Mom!

After my ride in a combine harvesting field corn

Instead of writing 5 more things I love about Fall, I’d love to have you visit an article I wrote on my experience as a Field Mom at Watch Us Grow, the Illinois Farm Families website. I’m one of IFF’s new Field Mom Ambassadors! If you are interested in the program and live in the Chicago area, you can apply to be a 2015 City Mom! Even if you’re not in the Chicago area, you can see me getting licked by a calf over at Watch Us Grow.

Field Mom Ambassador

The Golden Spoons


Come Let Us Gather {Spin Cycle}

This fall has been beautiful. We have had clear, sunny days along with warm temperatures. Except for the sun setting earlier, it seemed like this fall was an extension of summer. Until, of course, the weekend that we were expecting guests. Every fall, my dad’s extended family gets together somewhere. I use that broad term, “somewhere,” because we are scattered all over the country. One year, the family met on the East Coast. The next year, they went to the West Coast. This year, it was time to visit the Midwest.

And of course, the temperatures dropped into the sixties and the rain came. Fortunately, the only thing my family wants to do is be together, talk and play cards, so the rain was just a little thing.

When I was a little girl, we always were together on the day after Thanksgiving. My dad and my uncles were pastors, so they had to work on Thanksgiving morning. My dad would preach at church and then we would get in the car to drive to Detroit, or Ft. Wayne, or Canton, Ohio. Every few years it was our turn, so we didn’t have to travel. One of my mom’s favorite times was Thanksgiving night–the night before the big meal. All my aunts would gather in the kitchen to cook and talk. It was a lot of work to feed all us children; when my little sister was born, that made twenty cousins in all. Our parents had no money to stay in hotels, so we slept on the floor in our cousins’ rooms, in the basement, even once in the church next door. On Friday came the big turkey feast! It was a day late, but it was still Thanksgiving to us.

Many years later, Thanksgiving became complicated. Cousins got married and had children, and there were more and more obligations to fulfill. Now, we have “Pre-Thanksgiving.” It’s like Thanksgiving, but it’s not. The cousins can afford to stay at a hotel and the kids don’t have to sleep on the floor. There is no cooking the night before. This year, I even decided that I was not going to serve turkey. I had the dinner catered with authentic Chicago-style food; Lou Malnati’s deep dish pizza, pasta, and Italian beef.

Some of our relatives were missing. Some cousins had to work; some couldn’t travel so far away. We missed my mom and two uncles who have gone to heaven before us. However, a total of forty-one relatives crammed into my kitchen last Saturday. We were together despite the rain outside, despite my husband’s fears that we wouldn’t all fit in our house, despite my ugly bathroom floors. (That’s another story waiting to be told.)

I remember being one of the little cousins and going along with a “show” that we performed for our parents a long, long time ago in a basement in Ft. Wayne. At the very beginning of the festivities his year, my daughters and my cousins’ kids put on a show of their own. They stood on the steps, plucked a toy guitar and sang their hearts out. They were making their own wonderful childhood memories.

show on steps

It might not have been Thanksgiving, but it was still Thanksgiving to us. We give thanks for the blessings God gave us in family; in good weather and bad, in health and in sickness, with those present and in the hearts of those absent, and we know we are loved.

Oh, and did I mention this, family? While playing cards, I got the best 500 hand in my life! Ten diamonds, baby!


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