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On Friday, I had the urge to make popcorn. It did not involve throwing a paper bag lined with God-knows-what into the microwave, but instead: a heavy pot, a stove, oil and popcorn kernels. I shook the pan over the stove like a madwoman, to keep the oil from burning. Then pop! pop! poppoppoppoppoppoppoppop! until… Continue Reading

Little Squirrel and Little Goosey

Ah, Saturday. It’s like the Death Valley of the blogosphere. Not very many people publish blog posts on a Saturday, and there are even fewer blog readers. But here I am, typing my heart out for NaBloPoMo. Pour yourself a cup of coffee and pull up a chair. I’ll tell you a story about stories.… Continue Reading

Orange Light Season

The orange lights went up last weekend. When Lily was eleven months old, she would stare out the window at the orange lights. “Ights, ights,” she would say in her little baby voice as her chubby little finger pointed at the lights. The orange light neighbors were thrilled that baby Lily loved their Halloween lights.… Continue Reading

another rainy sunday

another rainy sunday

It is a another gray and gloomy Sunday. Not the kind of day to go kite flying. Thunderstorms rolling through this afternoon made inside time mandatory. Although I was planning on doing some yard work today, the rain was welcome. I was able to sit at my sewing machine without feeling guilty. Lily and Emmy… Continue Reading

Waiting For Butterfly Kisses

Waiting For Butterfly Kisses

I have never seen our children stand so still. As I looked out the bay window to check on them, they were frozen in the driveway, eyes looking up, hands cupped. What in the world were they doing? Something was up. Literally. Fluttering above their heads were six butterflies. The butterflies would dive down, touch… Continue Reading

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