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Halloween-y Crafts, Spin Cycle AND Ladies Only Blog Share

I’m so excited to be hosting not one, but TWO blog hops! Every Friday, I co-host The Spin Cycle with Gretchen from Second Blooming. I’m totally thrilled that after she wrote about her love for acting she got a guest role in Modern Family! It aired this past Wednesday, so I hope you caught it!… Continue Reading

Halloween Show ‘n Tell {Spin Cycle}

First of all, let me just say that I didn’t even think about giving a gift to my children’s teachers. But just look at this cute gift that I received from one of my students! Isn’t it adorable? My creativity came into play when I designed my easy bat costume for the girls. Everyone thought… Continue Reading

It’s Halloween!

It’s Halloween!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN! I’m so excited to be participating in Mama Kat’s new vlogging link-up! In my vlog today, I tell you about the Halloween costume I wore this year and the costumes I made for Lily and Emmy. Emmy even demonstrates her costume! View video here. The book I refer to in this video is… Continue Reading

Lurking in the Tree

Let’s just start out by saying that I don’t scare easily. For those of you that know me and are laughing right now, startled is different than being scared. I do startle easily. Sudden noises? I’ll jump higher than a kangaroo. Every Good Friday at the Tenebrae service, I was startled when my Dad would… Continue Reading

Orange Light Season

The orange lights went up last weekend. When Lily was eleven months old, she would stare out the window at the orange lights. “Ights, ights,” she would say in her little baby voice as her chubby little finger pointed at the lights. The orange light neighbors were thrilled that baby Lily loved their Halloween lights.… Continue Reading

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