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Knit Knot

For the past couple of days, I have been reteaching myself how to knit. I’ve become just a little obsessed, as a matter of fact, to the extent that I haven’t been cleaning the house, as you can so plainly see in my picture! Why am I having this sudden obsession with knitting, since I haven’t knitted in years and have never finished anything?

I signed up for a new Fellowship Group at my church called “Knit and Know Him.” So I think I’d at least better be able to bring my knitting needles and knit a little something! I started knitting this dishcloth yesterday, reviewing how to cast on, knit and purl. I picked a simple pattern called “Simple Weave,” although I think it looks like shooting stars. Don’t you? (Maybe not….)

To make up for my neglect yesterday, I have been all business this morning. I finished a small load of laundry (unheard of!) and put dirty dishes in the dishwasher. (What?!?)

And also, wrote a small blog post.

Be still, and know that I am God. Psalms 46:10


Knit Me Not

Knit Me Not

The desire to knit was sudden. It happened one Christmas, as I was going through some of my mom’s things a month after she died. I took her yarn and knitting needles home with me, and registered for a knitting class. I requested knitting books and DVD’s for my birthday. I knit a doll blanket for Emmy’s baby, and actually finished it. I was a knitter!

A scarf was my next project. My favorite blue sweater would look lovely with a hand-made accessory! Picking an easy pattern from my new knitting book was easy enough. I began knitting, and soon after began to see a scarf materialize.

Oh, I had grand plans for that scarf! I started knitting in March, so surely by next Fall, when temperatures started to drop again, I would have a lovely scarf gracing my neck! To keep myself motivated, I was going take pictures of my progress, and put them on the side bar of my blog! Knitting was going to be GREAT!

Do you see any scarf photos on my sidebar? No, you do not!!

I tried knitting while waiting for Emmy at ballet class. However, other moms waiting for their children would want to talk to me (I know!) and I couldn’t concentrate on knitting and talking at the same time. I was a beginner, after all.

I tried knitting while watching TV. But keeping my eyes on my knitting and watching TV was just too much. That kind of multi-tasking seemed beyond me.

I tried knitting in the car. It was fun and easy, but too often I was interrupted by SOMEONE in the back seat needing another book, or a snack, or a drink. And then I would forget where I was in the row, and stitches were dropped.

And then I really goofed. I knitted a couple of rows while we were on vacation, and they were backward. I used the knitting stitch when I was supposed to purl, and I purled when I was supposed to knit. I would have to unravel several rows fix my mistake, and I didn’t want to unravel while I was in the car.

The rows have yet to be unraveled. That was over a year ago…

My scarf…longer, but still not scarf length. Maybe some day I’ll try to finish it. And that’s my story of trying to learn a new talent or hobby that I only pursued briefly.

(Hey, where’s that unfinished cross stitch horse I started sewing in eighth grade? It’s around here somewhere….)

Mama’s Losin’ It


And You Thought I Had Given Up on Knitting (Travel Tip Thursday!)

I am one of those unfortunate people who suffers from motion sickness. I get queasy on boats, planes, and cars. I’m always the person who insists on sitting in the front of the bus–the back is too bumpy! I do a lot of the driving on our road trips because firstly, I love to drive, and secondly, I’m less likely to toss my cookies.

Before Ed and I had our daughters, I would drive and Ed would read the crossword puzzles out loud for us to solve together. Unfortunately, the girls aren’t very tolerant of this way to pass the time while driving.

I also can’t read in the car without getting nauseous. I can read on a train; I can read on a plane…but a car? I turn green.

To help the girls pass the time on a long car trip, we borrow books on CD from the library. I hold up the book so that they can see the pictures while we play the CD.

This past February, I discovered something I could do in the car without getting motion sick; I can knit!

I started this scarf to learn some new knitting skills; I learning how to switch between knitting and purling in the same row, and I learned how to change yarn colors in my knitting.

It’s hard to tell from this picture;
this scarf is made from three different shades of blue.
Do you think I’ll finish it in time for winter?

What do you do to pass the time while traveling?

Do you have a tip to help me with my motion sickness?


Happy Travels!


Odds ‘n Ends

This was the view outside my window this morning. We got another inch or two of snow last night, but that measly amount is so much better than the 7 to 10 inches the weather service was predicting earlier last week. So I decided to spend the day indoors, “cleaning.” I spent a whole lot of time trying to get things organized and put away, and the results of my efforts? The house looks exactly the same now as it did this morning.

A productive note–I finished my whatchamacallit! (Translation — I ran out of yarn. Who knew knitting took up so much yarn?) Emmy quickly claimed this piece of knitting as her baby doll’s blanket.

Which meant I had to knit Lily’s dog Cherie a little blanket as well.

I’ve started my next project, a scarf for me! (This time, I have plenty of yarn to finish it.) The scarf is going to take a while, so it will be spring by the time I finish it. Or maybe it will be winter again…it’s supposed to be a long scarf. Don’t worry, I’ll give you a sneak preview over on my sidebar later this week!

First Knitting Class, Part 2

For Part 1, please click here.

The knitting class advertised at the public library read “For beginning knitters.” I have never picked up knitting needles before, so I thought I was a perfect fit for this class!

When I went to register two weeks before the one-time class was going to be held, I discovered there was a waiting list. I was so disappointed! I put my name on the list, hoping that maybe they would schedule another class if it was popular. I was number eight.

The day of the class came. A librarian called, and told me that I would be able to attend. I stammered, “I’ll be there,” and then rushed around trying to find the supplies I would need. I’m usually a quick study, so I imagined coming home with a finished sachet, which was the evening’s project.

When I walked into the room at the library, right on time, I saw at least 20 women sitting around tables arranged in a large “U” shape. A television camera was at the closest corner of the “U”, ready to tape the class for the library cable channel. I grabbed my handouts, and sat in the seat closest to the camera. I figured if I was right next to the huge camera, it wouldn’t catch me in my stay-at-home mom’s getup: no make-up, air-dried hair, comfy clothes.

Class started. The first step was a piece of cake. Make a slip knot with your yarn, and put your needle into the loop. I already knew how to make a slip knot, so I was helping the people around me make their slip knots. This was going to be so easy!

Then, we were supposed to put the other needle into the yarn loop, cross it behind the first needle. Next step: bring the yarn around the right needle, in between both needles, pull the yarn through the loop, loop the loop you made over the top of the left needle.

I was stuck. I couldn’t visualize what the instructor wanted us to do. I sat there, frozen with my needles crossed, while women around me were gaily looping away. I tried to follow the pictures on my handout. I still couldn’t fathom what I was supposed to do. The instructor came over. “You look like a woman in need!” she exclaimed. Yes, I was clearly in need! She showed me effortlessly how to cast on.

I started “casting on.” The instructor announced “Cast on 24 stitches.” I counted my stitches. I had 28. I unraveled some while the instructor showed us the next step. I was down to 20 stitches now. I started adding more stitches. The instructor checked on me. “Are you knitting or still casting on?” I stared dumbly at my needles.

“I don’t know.”

“You’re casting on!” she told me. Oh. I thought I was knitting!

I finished my 24 stitches, and the woman next to me showed me how to do the knit stitch, while the instructor started teaching the purl stitch.

I decided to stick with the knit stitch.

When I had barely four rows of stitches, the instructor quickly went over casting off, and the class was over.

While I didn’t learn as much about knitting as I thought I would, some of the mysteries of knitting were unraveled. I now know casting on and the knit stitch. As I look at my mother’s knitting supplies, however, I find other mysteries that I will never solve. Mom wasn’t a fan of the color yellow, yet there are two beautiful skeins of soft yarn named “lemonade”. What was she going to make with all that yellow yarn? There is also some beautiful knitting still attached to a pair of circular needles. Was she knitting another prayer shawl? Who was the unfinished project meant for?

I don’t know if I’ll ever have the heart to finish the knitting project Mom began. As I practice my knitting at home, though, I’m discovering that knitting is addicting. I feel a connection with Mom; and while I still have a lot to learn, I know that every time I pick up my knitting needles, I’ll remember her.

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