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Out From Behind the Screen

It didn’t even occur to me until the chorus concert was almost over. Why were all these other kids singing solos, and Lily wasn’t getting up to sing one? She had auditioned, and her music teacher has always given her a solo before. As we were walking home after the concert, I asked Lily about… Continue Reading

Sydney Opera House

I love writing about the places we’ve traveled to, but most of the places we go are in the United States. We have never been to Australia to see the Sydney Opera House. My dad has, however, so he and my stepmom gave Lily the Lego version of the Opera House. She finished it in… Continue Reading

Parks and Recreation {Spin Cycle}

We never call a park by its real name. We use the equipment on the playground for identification. For example, we go to the “boat park,” the “flying saucer park,” or the “roller slide park.” The playground down the street from us is “our park” and the playground at the school is “the red park”… Continue Reading

The Summer Cold

It’s inevitable when you are the mom of two little girls AND a preschool teacher. The germs are going to catch up with you no matter how much you wash your hands and take your vitamins. It happened to me on Sunday evening. It’s the dreaded summer cold. Technically, it’s not summer. Our weather in… Continue Reading

NOT What You Think About in Spring

It’s finally Spring! When I asked people what they thought about when they heard the word “Spring” a couple of weeks ago, I got a lot of fun answers. Bounce, flowers, warm, hurry and PLEASE were just a few of the answers. One answer I did NOT get was…the stomach flu. Easter Sunday, our household… Continue Reading

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