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Breast Cancer Stories: Christina

Today’s guest post is by fellow breast cancer survivor Christina. Christina blogs at The Uniboob Club: Breast Cancer Does Not Define Me as a Woman, But My Battle with Breast Cancer Does! I was drawn to her blog by the title, as I am also an unwilling member of the “Uniboob Club.” Christina writes about… Continue Reading

Random Tuesday Thoughts: Symmetry

So, here I am on a Monday night, with free time and an available computer, but nothing much to write. So if I keep typing, maybe something will come to me. So…it’s swimming suit season again, huh? It takes time for me to get used to baring my fat, white, wobbly thighs in public again.… Continue Reading

Choosing a Mastectomy

I have surprised many doctors, nurses, and mammogram technicians in the years since I was diagnosed with breast cancer. First of all, I’m very young to have had breast cancer so many years ago. Secondly, I had a mastectomy with no reconstructive surgery. Over the winter, the surgeon who did my mastectomy asked me to… Continue Reading

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