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My Two Favorite "Pinks"

Before October flies by, I need to write about my two favorite “pinks.” Emmy holds long conversations with me, in her own baby language. She has started to bite me to get my attention, just like a puppy. If I ask her to bring me her sippy cup, she does it! She is such a good snuggler. She still wakes me up in the middle of the night to nurse. (I have to break that habit!) She went to sleep tonight on her own in her crib, after specifically wanting her daddy to hold her. That means this was the first night she went to bed without nursing first.Lily wore black to her ballet class today. Just one month ago, everything she wore had to be pink or purple. Of course, the black leotard has sparkles on it, which makes it fun. She still loves to wear dresses, and fortunately has adapted to wearing tights or leggings in the cold weather. Lily still loves to “schnuggle” with Mommy. She gets us up in the middle of the night to go potty. She finally learned how to pedal her tricycle this summer! Here, she is typing “words,” in pink, on the computer.

Pink Things 2

I tried to be a small purse person, I really did. But I love having a big purse. I can throw a diaper, wipes, snacks, and toys in this purse. My camera fits with no problem. I do lose my keys in this purse, but the benefits exceed the cons. I bought this purse because my black leather purse, the one I coveted for a year before I finally broke down and bought it, got wet in the stroller from a broken water bottle. The leather is all stretched out from trying to cram things into it. Someone at my church bought the exact same purse, and hers looks so new and unscuffed and pristine compared to my pathetic, limp, well-used purse. While I love this purse for spring and summer, I want to go buy one that’s more suitable for winter. You know, one that’s not so cheery and springy.

Pink Things 1

I didn’t used to like pink, but I’m going through a pink phase right now. I think it may have something with having two girls who have a lot of pink clothes. This makes life easy for my husband, who goes to the pink ribbon section of Carson’s to buy me gifts. Remember the pink shoes I wanted? I bought them. They are SO comfortable!

Ed just came up behind me, and asked me why I have a picture of my shoes. DUH! My blog, silly! He is so not going to appreciate the next few postings where I show you more of my pink things.

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