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Discovered in a Drawer

I really don’t know why I keep this thing; this mop of hair that insurance paid for and that I hated from the moment I put it on my head. I wanted a fun blond wig, but the hairdresser thought I should match my natural, mousy color. I thought it would be fun to have… Continue Reading

Wherein I discover what a “horseshoe” really is

It seems like an easy enough question. When I saw the word “horseshoes” on a menu in Springfield, however, I was stumped. Many different regions have delicacies for which they are known. You’ll never have a better pork tenderloin sandwich than one in Iowa. Philly has its cheese steak sandwiches and Chicago has deep dish… Continue Reading

Sit Down!

As I was doing housework yesterday and listening to Pandora, the same commercial kept playing over and over. “Are you sitting down right now? You probably are!” The ad continued to talk about our sedentary lifestyle and how “active office furniture” such as treadmill desks would improve our health. Well, every time I heard that… Continue Reading

Apple Picking or Laundry?

I’ve written about apple picking numerous times, and so this Spin Cycle prompt about apples was going to be different. I was going to post an apple craft, or maybe make my favorite apple pie recipe. On Monday, Lily and Emmy didn’t have school. For the past few years, when the girls have had a… Continue Reading

Three Months of Summer

As my bike bounced down the gravel road with beach cottages on each side, I felt like the ultimate tourist. With my huge sun hat on my head and a bag over my shoulder filled with a beach towel and a book, I had everything I needed. Well, almost everything. A basket in front of… Continue Reading

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