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Is It Really Spring? {Spin Cycle}

Spring Break 2013 text
Spring Break, 2013

Spring! After a total of 80 inches of snow this winter, we are ready! Lily and Emmy have been begging to play outside every day, even though we haven’t seen warm temperatures…yet. Today we are expecting 60 degrees, which will feel like heaven. We’re also starting our Spring Break! We have a whole week to sleep late and stay up late watching movies. I pre-ordered Frozen for the girls, and it should be here by tomorrow! (Shh…it’s a surprise!) My sister is arriving from California via New York (it’s complicated) but it seems she is not bringing California weather with her. Our spring break will feel like winter, so says the weather forecast. I just read the dreaded “p” word again. And by “p” word, I mean “polar.”

IMG_7093 (2)
Spring Break, 2014

Look at how big my girls have grown in just one year! They were determined to have a picnic outside on the first day of Spring, so they spread out a blanket and had a snack of Cheez-Its. They are not going to let the “p” word interfere with their plans!

IMG_7098 (2)

What are your plans for Spring? Link up your post about Spring; spring break, spring training, a spring in your step, anything to do with Spring!

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Your Spin Cycle Prompt {week of 3/17}

Us Chicagoans have Spring on our minds. It’s all we can talk about during these lingering days of winter.

Spring officially begins for on Thursday at 11:57 am with the vernal equinox! Our weather forecast for the first of Spring is partly sunny with a high of 44 degrees. I supposed that’s a little better than today’s 34 degree high. I know we’ve been complaining about the weather lately, and how it seems like this winter is so, so long…but we still have a week to go until Spring Break, and here’s my picture of the first day of Spring Break last year!

Spring Break 2013 text
Chicago, snow, and March go together, even when it’s Spring!

To celebrate the arrival of Spring, we’re spinning about it this week.

Link up your post about Spring; spring break, spring training, a spring in your step, anything to do with Spring!

Gretchen and I will share our Spring posts on Friday.

Happy Spring!

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NOT What You Think About in Spring

It’s finally Spring! When I asked people what they thought about when they heard the word “Spring” a couple of weeks ago, I got a lot of fun answers. Bounce, flowers, warm, hurry and PLEASE were just a few of the answers. One answer I did NOT get was…the stomach flu.

Easter Sunday, our household was hit by that terrible germ. Only Lily got sick, but boy oh boy, did she get sick. I knew she wasn’t feeling well when she wanted to go upstairs and lie down. At 4:00 in the afternoon! That is not like my Lily at all, especially since we had the family over for Easter dinner! Not long after she decided to rest, she came down to get me. “Mommy, I just threw up two times.”

Oh, my, not the words I wanted to hear as I was preparing food for 10 people! Being eight years old, however, she did make it to the bathroom on time. Ed stayed up in her room with her, reading and consoling her, while I carried on below. She was up quite a few times that night, and her stomach didn’t settle until Tuesday morning.

Fortunately, this bout of tummy trouble didn’t happen until AFTER Lily had some Easter fun. On Saturday, the girls went with Ed to our church’s Easter Egg Hunt, and they came home with their baskets OVERFLOWING with eggs.

An Easter Bunny hug for my two girls!
The bunny with my honey

Another blessing: it’s Friday, Lily is back to her normal happy and healthy self, and NO ONE else has gotten sick. I’m crossing my fingers and knocking on wood!

How has your Spring been so far?

Second Blooming


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