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Three Months of Summer

As my bike bounced down the gravel road with beach cottages on each side, I felt like the ultimate tourist. With my huge sun hat on my head and a bag over my shoulder filled with a beach towel and a book, I had everything I needed. Well, almost everything. A basket in front of my bike filled with baguettes and cheese would have been nice. I parked my bike at the top of the stairway and made my way down the bluff to meet my family on the beach for another beautiful day full of sunshine and swimming.

Sunflower summer vacation

As school begins and fall approaches, I always feel as though summer flew by and it wasn’t nearly long enough. But when I look back at all the fun things we did, I realize that we packed a lot of activity into those three short months. In June, we celebrated Ed’s 50th birthday party with a big bash in our back yard. Swim team started for both Lily and Emmy. I helped lead Vacation Bible School at our church and taught one of the preschool groups. And we drove up to Madison, Wisconsin to see my sister’s painting and drawing exhibition in the student union at the University of Wisconsin.

Heather's exhibit

In July, Lily had her own artwork on display though a community outreach program in our school district. Several local businesses displayed various student artwork this summer, and Lily’s painting was on the wall at Dunkin’ Donuts. July is when we had our week at the beach, and we also celebrated Emmy’s 8th birthday!

Lily's artAugust was not quite as busy, and the girls and I took advantage of our lazy summer days by going to the pool, visiting Brookfield Zoo and Wagner Farm in Glenview. It was also the month of preparing for school. Both Lily and Emmy cleaned their rooms (which were disasters!) and I ordered each of them a small writing desk. They now have their own private space to do their homework!

How did you spend your summer vacation? Link up your summer posts here and be sure to visit all our Spinners!

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Kicking Off!

It’s the first full week of summer! Lily and Emmy have been out of school for almost three weeks now, and we’re slowly adjust to summer’s routine. I should write “lack of routine,” which is both freeing and horrible at the same time. We can sleep late, there’s no homework, and we can watch TV in the middle of the day. And we can also lie on the floor moaning about how bored we are and how no one will play with me, watch TV until we’re zombies and then not want to go to sleep at night because we’re not tired, and whine at the grocery store even though the cupboard are completely bare at home.

Yes, summer’s wonderful!

Our summer routine includes:

1. Swim Team for Lily. She has two hour practices every day, which wore her out at first. She’s becoming a stronger swimmer and has been working on diving off the block and flip turns. She was really looking forward to her first swim meet last week. Unfortunately, dark clouds rolled in and the temperature dropped into the 50’s, so it was cancelled. We were looking forward to her second swim meet on Wednesday…and then dark clouds rolled in and the Thor guard went off, and it was postponed. Ah, summer in the Midwest! Finally yesterday, Lily was able to swim in her first swim meet!

Lily swimming with her team during warm-ups.
Lily swimming with her team during warm-ups.

She was so nervous, but she did fine! It was a home meet, and the coaches asked for parent volunteers to time the swimmers. I’ve never done it before…but I volunteered anyway. I figured if Lily was brave enough to do something new that made her nervous, I’d go ahead and do the same thing! It turned out to be an easy job, and I was able to meet one of the other swim team moms.

2. Vacation Bible School was this week! This was the first year I was not the VBS director, and I have to admit it was a welcome change. I can’t stay away from VBS, though, and I was the Bible Story Teller. When I started helping with VBS, I was pregnant with Emmy. Now both my girls are in the oldest groups for VBS! How did that happen?

Emmy VBS
Emmy came down with “leprosy” during VBS.

3. Daily Visits to a Playground: This was one of my goals for the summer, and while weather and schedules have interfered somewhat, we’ve gone to the park a lot! We’ve also been trying to eat plenty of ice cream to make sure we have energy to go to the park.

How are you kicking off your summer? Link up your summer posts here or tell us in the comments!

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Come and Buy Our Lemonade!

Lily and Emmy began planning their big venture weeks ago. They consulted their dad and me on pricing, decided what hours they would work, and made a sign. They even made a list of supplies they would need.

Since they did all their planning so far in advance, I completely forgot about their lemonade stand until we were walking home on the last day of school. It was an early dismissal that day, so we were heading home early. They started talking about what they needed to do to set up the stand when we got home. “Mom,” they said, “You need to make the lemonade!”

In my own little head, I was imagining a picnic lunch with my two little girls, with the whole afternoon spread out before us and nothing to do. “Alright,” I sighed. “I’ll make the lemonade. After we eat lunch.”

“Mom! We’re opening at 1:00! We don’t have time to eat lunch!”

What? No time for lunch? Didn’t they remember how crabby I get they get when they don’t eat?

As I reluctantly dug a forgotten tube of concentrated lemonade from last summer out of the freezer, I wondered how long they would last out on the driveway waiting for someone to come buy their lemonade. I imagined I would be their only customer, and it was a long time before their father would come home to buy a cup. It wouldn’t take long before they would get bored out of their minds and lose interest in the whole thing.

Lily and Emmy soon had everything they needed. They had a tablecloth, napkins, cups, and change. After I delivered their fresh lemonade to them, I went into the house.

Lemonade Stand

Imagine my surprise when Emmy ran inside just a couple of minutes later, letting the screen door slam behind her, yelling, “Mom! We had our first customer!” Our neighbor across the street had just bought a cup. I went outside to thank her, and we joked that I would have to put her dollar in a frame for the girls’ business.

As the afternoon wore on, some very generous people stopped to buy a cup. Lily and Emmy learned that setting their low price of 25 cents a cup paid off. The adults told them to keep the change, and the middle school kids that kept riding by on their bikes were willing to pay a quarter. In the end, they sold out and made $8.00. They excitedly split their earnings in half and were very pleased with themselves. I, on the other hand, was surprised by many things that afternoon. The girls had followed through on their plan, and it paid off!

Mama’s Losin’ It
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Summer Daze

We have no schedule at all. Only two weeks after the last day of school, and I’m already in a daze. (What day is it again?) Being at home with my girls makes me happy!

Summer days bring about all kinds of happy happy joy joy, which is what Gretchen at Second Blooming wants to know about this week.

Summer means ice cream, popsicles and fresh fruit. Juicy peaches and red, red strawberries. Plump blueberries and tart cherries from Michigan. Farmer’s markets and fresh salad on the table. Grilling most meals so that we don’t heat up the kitchen; less pots and pans to wash. Hamburgers, hot dogs, brats, served with garden fresh tomatoes and green onions and lemonade.

Everyone comes out to play in the summer. In the winter, we hibernate; we bundle up with blankets and sit on the couch. But as soon as the weather gets warm, the neighborhood comes alive. The playground is full of running, jumping and screaming kids. Neighbors walk by and stop to chat. Bedtime gets later and later each night because the sun doesn’t go down until well after 9 o’clock. Bursts of red, yellows and pinks bloom in gardens. The bright colors make cold February seem like a distant dream.

The pool is finally open, and in the afternoon we can go swimming for an hour or so. Jump into that cool, blue chlorinated water under a hot sun to splash around with the kids. At safety break, we bundle up in towels and sit on lounge chairs, almost too tired to move. Until we remember that an icy pop is only a quarter at the snack stand!

Don’t forget summer road trips. Roll down the windows and turn up the radio! Sing at the top of our lungs, play the alphabet game, have a snack, and then wonder how much longer. Tumble out of the car when we get there and get hugs and kisses from waiting relatives. Spend some time away from the worries at home and just relax.

Diving Board

Happy happy joy joy!

What makes you happy?


How I Spent My Summer Vacation {Spin Cycle}

How could summer possibly be over? Every year, June, July and August just seem to fly by. I want more time by the pool soaking in the sun! I need more picnics! More cookouts! Why does summer have to be over?

It happens every year, doesn’t it. So here is a recap of how I spent my summer vacation.

In June

We traveled to Alaska to visit my aunt and went sightseeing. We did some…

In July

It was hot. Very hot. Hot, hot, hot. So we went swimming.

Lily Fish

In August

My sister Heather had two gallery openings in August that we were able to attend.

Lily contemplating her Aunt Heather’s art.
Emmy, on the other hand, couldn’t stand still for very long.

This synopsis of our summer brought to you by the Spin Cycle, courtesy of the lovely Gretchen of Second Blooming.

Second Blooming


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