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New Parent Blunder

Lily was three months old at the beginning of 2005. We were in Peoria, visiting my sister, and we stayed in a hotel with a pool. We thought it would be great to take Lily swimming for the first time. We didn’t have a bathing suit for her, so we just put on a onesie instead.

Lily was very laid back in the pool. Doesn’t she look chubby for a baby who needed to have frequent weight checks right after she was born? Due to my mastectomy 14 years ago, we needed to supplement Lily’s diet with formula for about two months before I was able to breastfeed her exclusively. By the time she was three months old, we didn’t have any worries about her weight!

Lily fell asleep in the water while I was holding her. Ed snuggled with her bundled up in the towel. He was going through a phase of “letting his hair grow.” Now he cuts his hair two-three times a month so that it is very, very short. You know, because of his “high forehead.”

Our parent blunder? Apparently babies should not be in chlorinated water before they are six months old! Oops!

I’m linking up to LT’s Take Me Back Tuesday!

A Day With Two


Take Me Back Tuesday: Grandma

One of my family’s favorite places in the whole world is Michigan. We vacation there every year, and while Michigan is a lovely state, we love it because we spend time with moms, dads, sisters and brothers, aunts, uncle and cousins…our family! This year, our family traveled to Colorado instead, and so Michigan will have to wait until next summer.

This picture takes me back to the summer of 2005, when Lily was about eight months old. She is the first granddaughter on my side of the family. This is how my mom wanted her granddaughters to remember her…full of laughter and love!

Mom and Lily at the house we rented with our extended family every summer.
I can hardly believe I took this picture five years ago! And so I’m linking up to A Day for Two and:

A Day With Two

Don’t forget to post pictures of where you have been this summer, (or any summer, for that matter!) and come back tomorrow to link up to Where in the World Wednesdays, here on Lemon Drop Pie!


If Only My Sisters Had Blogs…

…then I might have written a post or two last weekend while my sisters were visiting. But they don’t blog, and so we did things like planting flowers, and sitting on the patio, and flying kites.

 My little sister holding Lily when she was six months old
Memorial Day, 2005

For more memories, visit LT at A Day With Two for Take Me Back Tuesday!

A Day With Two

P.S. Don’t forget to come back tomorrow to see my backyard for “Where in the World?” You’ll be able to link up your posts, too…where in the world have you been?

Take Me Back Tuesday: An Antique Shop Find

I was browsing in an antique shop about fifteen years ago, when I saw this Norman Rockwell collector’s plate in a display.

This little girl, with her hair done up in curls and pins, with blotchy rouge and smeared lipstick, touched my heart. I wondered something about this plate…I turned the plate over, and on the back, I saw what I had been looking for. This plate was part of the Rediscovered Women series, the series my mother was collecting. I was so excited to find it! Of course I couldn’t pass it up, and I bought it as a gift for her. It now hangs in the bathroom at my parent’s house, next to the mirror.

One of the reasons I love Norman Rockwell illustrations is how well they relate to our own memories. What little girl hasn’t gotten into her mother’s make-up drawer and played dress up?

I thought I had the perfect picture of my little sister and cousin from the ’80’s, when they were about 3 and 5 years old, wearing bright applications of lipstick and blush. Unfortunately, I couldn’t find that photo. So I have to make do with this photo, instead.

Lily had just turned three, and we took her to the children museum, where they have several stations for children to paint their own faces. A visit to the museum isn’t complete without a visit to a face painting station!

For more memories, visit LT at A Day With Two for Take Me Back Tuesday!

A Day With Two

Garage Sale Find on Take Me Back Tuesday!

I love looking at old pictures and old photo albums. About a year ago, my bloggy friend Bex at Adventures of the Grigg Boys hosted a meme called Funky Foto Flashback, where we shared old photos. Life got busy for Bex, and so she hasn’t been blogging as much lately. (I still love you, Bex!)

Just recently I discovered LT at A Day With Two, and she hosts “Take Me Back Tuesday,” which will fulfill my need to scan in those old pictures!

A Day With Two

This past weekend was garage sale weekend. Literally. It was a special weekend for garage sales in our town, and so we went to at least 25 sales and missed the other 200. At one of the first sales I went to, I found this Norman Rockwell collector’s plate:

The title of this plate is “A Young Man’s Dream”. I’ve always loved Norman Rockwell’s illustrations; they are so nostalgic. I love this plate…see the decorative border? This plate reminds me of this photo:

It is a picture of my dad, probably taken by my mom, while he was a vicar in Houston, Texas. So of course, I had to have this plate!

Next week, I’ll tell you the story about a plate I don’t even own. This plate is called “Making Believe at the Mirror”.


On Wednesday, I’m starting something new, and I hope you’ll join me! I’ll be writing about a place I’ve been, and I hope you will, too. Then just link up your post, and we’ll travel the world together! (Or maybe we’ll just go out on the town!) Whether you’ve traveled the country or stepped out to your own backyard, share with us: Where in the world are you? Photos are a plus!

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