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Turning Back Time: Grandpa Sounds

One of my favorite memories of my grandpa is walking next to him. He would take my sister and me to the park to play. On top of his head was a hat. Not a baseball cap or a knit hat, mind you. Grandpa always wore his fedora when we went outside. As we walked along, he would whistle a tune. Every once in a while, he would sing the words.

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay

Sometimes we would walk to the little grocery store in town with Grandpa. Quite often, we would sweet-talk him into buying us a small cheap, plastic toy.

My, oh my, what a beautiful day!

Four generations. I’m the baby, held by my mother.

My daughter, Lily, came home from preschool one day, singing that song. I was instantly transported back to my childhood and memories of Grandpa filled my head.

Plenty of sunshine, headed my way

Now that I teach preschool, I sing this song with my class on sunny days as part of our weather routine.

Zip-a-dee-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay!

I’m always hoping for the sun to come out, just so I can sing this song and remember Grandpa!

Four generations; Lily is the baby in my lap.

What song brings you back to your childhood?

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Turning Back Time: Grandma Sounds

I woke up to the sound of pots and pans clunking together in the kitchen. Snuggling under the covers, I remembered that my grandparents had arrived at our house the day before. They had made the trek from Des Moines to Chicago in their huge boat of a car, a thermos of weak coffee and a coffee can full of crunchy cookies to keep them going.

In the morning, Grandma would wake up early. She would move around the kitchen to find a pan to heat up her wonderful homemade sweet rolls. Soon after I woke up, the aroma of cinnamon would waft up to my room. Grandma knew those rolls would lure all four of her grandchildren into the kitchen. And into the kitchen we came to devour those sweet rolls for breakfast. The bottom of the rolls would be crispy sweet, sugar and cinnamon melted together. A thin layer of icing sweetened the top of the rolls. Mmmm…there was no better breakfast than those sweet rolls!


A few years ago, Grandma sent me the recipe to her sweet rolls. She wrote that making them was more than just following a recipe — rather, it “was a process.” She made her rolls for us into her 90’s. While we would turn down weak and watery coffee she made, we never turned down a chance to eat her sweet rolls.

One of these days I’ll try the process of making sweet rolls so that the smell of cinnamon will fill the house. The next morning, I’ll wake up my children by clunking some pots and pans together, so that they will blearily wander into the kitchen to have a taste of time gone by.

What are some of your favorite childhood sounds?

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Turning Back Time: Favorite Cartoons

Friday afternoon, Ed took Emmy to the library, and she made an adorable rabbit hat during a children’s craft time. When I saw her in this cute hat, I said, “Eh, what’s up, doc?” and realized Emmy had no idea what I was talking about!

As I’ve mentioned before, my parents were really strict in regards to what we could and could not watch on television. It was the 70’s, and I was banned from watching all the cool shows. The Dukes of Hazzard had Daisy Dukes: too sexy! Charlie’s Angels had the 3 angels: way too sexy! And CHiPs? I don’t know — maybe that show aired past my early bedtime. Whenever I visited my aunt and uncle in Des Moines, however, I was glad that at least my parents let me watch some TV. My aunt refused to even own a TV.

Saturday morning guidelines were just as strict, and we were only allowed to watch The Bugs Bunny Show. We watched it every Saturday morning, and saw the same episodes over and over. Daffy Duck was hysterical, and Road Runner not so much. After a while, I had seen the show too often and wished there was something else I could watch. But there was nothing; our antennae didn’t pick up that many TV stations, and there was no such thing as a VCR.

Since Emmy had no idea who said, “What’s up, doc?” Ed started showing Emmy and Lily Bugs Bunny cartoons on YouTube. I kept calling out to him: “Look for the Barber of Seville! What about the hasenpfeffer one?” Lily and Emmy loved watching Bugs Bunny, Elmer Fudd, and Yosemite Sam. Those cartoons I had gotten sick of watching when I was a kid were fun to watch again. They brought back a sense of nostalgia for me.

As coincidence would have it, yesterday I was looking in my 1978 Better Homes and Gardens New Cook Book for a chicken cacciatore recipe and I stumbled upon the recipe for “Hasenpfeffer.” Sure enough, it reads, “Cut one 1 to 2 pound ready-to-cook rabbit into serving pieces.”  Now I need to introduce the girls to “I tawt I taw a puddy tat!”

What cartoons did you used to watch on Saturday morning?

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Turning Back Time Prompt 7

This weekend, I said a familiar quote from a cartoon character I used to watch every Saturday morning, and I realized my daughters had no idea who this character was! To remedy this, Ed turned to YouTube and showed Lily and Emmy some of the old cartoons we both remembered watching as kids. If I told you one episode was about the Barber of Seville, would you be able to guess which cartoon we showed them?

I’ll write about the answer on Tuesday! Write about your own favorite cartoon, and join the fun! Or you can write about one of the prompts from previous weeks of Turning Back Time:

Turning Back Time is a way for you to record your memories from the past. Please include a link back to Lemon Drop Pie in your post, and come back on Tuesday to link up!

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Turning Back Time: A Childhood Book

When I was a little girl, our bedtime routine consisted of story time with Mom and Dad and a cup of milk. The books were a wonderful part of the routine; however, when my mother realized that giving us milk could have given us cavities, she regretted that part of the routine. At the time, she thought she was helping us to have strong teeth and bones, and she was right — we just should have brushed our teeth after drinking the milk!

Sylvester, The Mouse with the Musical EarSylvester, The Mouse with the Musical Ear by Adelaide Holl

My parents valued books and reading so much that when I was in Kindergarten, they took me to a book store and had me pick out a book to give to my class. Thank you to two readers yesterday, Lunch Buckets and Bex, who discovered the title of this book for me! I remember loving this book, and reading it over and over when I went to school. I was so proud that I had given this book to our classroom for my classmates to read as well.

The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes (Sandpiper Books)The Country Bunny and the Little Gold Shoes by DuBose Heyward

This book was also at my school, and I pulled it off the shelf time and time again to read. In this book a mother rabbit, much to the surprise of the bigger jackrabbits, has enough courage and heart to become the Easter Bunny. I just loved this story about the mother rabbit and her cute little baby bunnies!

It’s funny that some of my favorite books as a child were books that we didn’t even own. We didn’t have a public library in our small town, and many of the books I read we had on our bookshelves at home. As I was growing up, my parents made sure that our personal library grew as well. My sister and I received books as gifts; we were thrilled to receive books from two different series we loved reading. We collected all the Little House on the Prairie Books. My parents also bought us — one at a time — all the books in the Nancy Drew series.

What were some of your favorite books you read when you were younger? Reply in the comments or write a post about your favorite childhood books and link up below!

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