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Second Grade Math and the Cup Song

Lily’s homework last week was double- and triple-digit subtraction. She got stuck.

Since I taught second grade for 12 years, I knew how to get her un-stuck. Take a break.


Even though I prefer the term “borrowing,” I also know how to explain “regrouping” or “decide if you need to ungroup,” but in this case Lily just needed a break. She was all mixed up and frustrated. When she tackled her math problems later, she was able to focus on her mistakes and fix them.

One of Mama Kat’s vlogging prompts for today was to learn a YouTube viral trend: The Cup Song. Jen from Buried with Children contributed this idea. I don’t know whether to thank them or curse them, because I became obsessed. I practiced over and over again and still couldn’t get it. I got stuck.

I had to take a break, which was really hard because that d*mn song was in my head, constantly. Plus, my hands hurt from banging that stupid cup.

I took a much needed break and tried The Cup Song again…later. I focused on fixing my mistakes.

It didn’t work. Here is my imperfect remake of The Cup Song, recorded in my kitchen with a Live Audience and a new title.

Presenting: The Sippy Cup Song!

Sippy Cup Song

See the videos here.

See the original song You’re Gonna Miss Me here.

Mama Kat and Mom Pulse


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