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Scrapping Mount Rushmore

During the six months between the time that Ed and I got engaged and then consequentially married, we decided to go on the Big American Migration to the West. That is, we drove from Illinois to Yellowstone, stopping at all the tourist sights to see on the way. We often ran into the same families… Continue Reading

Baby Pangs

I’ve decided: I’m done having babies. Last weekend, we babysat my neighbor’s 7 month old son. Yessiree, I’m done. No more babies for me. They drool, they cry, and they fuss. Let’s not forget how much they spit up. No way, Jose — no more babies. I’m too old. I like getting my sleep at… Continue Reading

The Zip Line

I’m not sure if I have a fear of heights or a fear of losing control. Maybe a little bit of both. I’ve never had a desire to learn, say, rock climbing. Which is a little contradictory to my love of roller coasters. In a roller coaster, however, you so are completely strapped in that… Continue Reading

Breast Cancer Stories: A Husband’s Perspective

The other day Ginny asked me to write about what it’s like to be married to a breast cancer survivor. It’s strange, but I never really thought about it like that. I mean…I’m married to Ginny, and she is a breast cancer survivor, so, yeah…I guess I’m married to a breast cancer survivor. But really,… Continue Reading

The Blue Lagoon It Was Not

Yesterday I posted Meeting My Husband, not realizing that I had left my readers wanting more! Here is MORE…. “I know,” he said. “I remember praying for you in church.” It was dark; Ed and I were on a camping trip at the beginning of our relationship. We were having a heart to heart talk…and… Continue Reading

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