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Anchorage to Fairbanks

Long drives and little children do not get along very well. When Ed gets the itch to go on a road trip, we usually break up the drive into shorter segments to keep the children happy and the parents sane. We spent a leisurely three days driving from Chicago to Estes Park, Colorado. We were… Continue Reading

An Alaskan Trail

An Alaskan Trail

I looked at the dogs, envying them, wishing I had their thick, furry coats to protect me. We had arrived in Anchorage late the night before. It had taken all day to get to Anchorage from Chicago, and Lily and Emmy were exhausted. Even so, they were up at their usual time the next morning,… Continue Reading

Summer Fun: Then and Now

Part of the joy of being a mom is doing the fun summer things with my own kids that I remember doing as a child. When I grew up in Central Illinois, wading and canoeing in the creek was so much fun! My kids experienced wading in a creek during our vacation in Cook Forest,… Continue Reading

Friday Follow-Up: Mac ‘n Cheese

A couple of years ago, we discovered that our local grocery stores were no longer selling our favorite mac ‘n cheese. While this was a disappointment to the girls and me, someone was even more disappointed. My husband, Ed. He was the one who introduced me to this little box of happiness, after all. During… Continue Reading

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