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Getting Around the Grand Canyon

I had grand plans of hiking with my family to the snack shop at Hermit’s Rest for lunch. The South Rim Trail is a a clearly marked trail and many of the miles are covered with blacktop. The longer we hiked, however, the more I realized that the actual mileage to Hermit’s Rest was longer… Continue Reading

Driving on and on and on

As JRR Tolkien wrote, the road goes ever on and on. And on, and on, especially when the girls and I took a road trip from our house to Luther College in Decorah, Iowa. There is no four lane highway that goes to Decorah which made for an extremely long drive. That evening, we were… Continue Reading

Ed’s Love Affair {with the outdoors}

Ed loves spending time outside. I like being outside, too, but Ed LOVES being outside. He spends 10 hours a day as an engineer in a machine shop, so for his vacation time, he wants to be outside as much as possible. Because of this, he literally plans our vacations around National Parks. The summer… Continue Reading

Sculpture Park

Sometimes it seems like we are always “driving by.” With two little girls in the back seat and places to be, we don’t have patience to pull over when we see something interesting. We might comment on it–“Oh, that looks interesting”–I may take a mental note that will soon be forgotten, and on we go.… Continue Reading

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