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Yosemite, Day One

Our family had a amazing two weeks in California; we covered so much ground–literally–that it’s going to take me a few posts to tell you all about it! From the time we picked up our rental car in Los Angeles to the morning we turned it back in, we drove about 2,500 miles. We knew… Continue Reading

Lemon Grove Loop Trail

I’ve always loved lemons, and ever since I named my blog after lemons, I’ve loved them even more. Sour tastes can be so good, and then being able to take something that is sour and making it sweet seems like a miracle. It’s like the soft version of making water into wine. Lemonade, lemon drops,… Continue Reading

This is a rock

This. This is a rock. Here is the same rock, a little closer. Notice anything yet? This is starting to look like something more. Like something more than just a rock. More like a newspaper, perhaps. Thousands of these pictures communicating messages we can only guess about cover the rocks. They were made a long,… Continue Reading

Quirky Little Stops

It was hot in the desert, and I noticed that the teenaged boy who waved our car along was carrying a water bottle. I thought he was smart to stay hydrated on that arid day. I soon realized, however, that that was not the purpose of the water bottle after all. After we parked, he… Continue Reading

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