Two Sisters

As we walk to school, Lily holds my hand and talks to me in a serious way. Emmy holds my other hand, skips and jumps along until she breaks away to run ahead of us. Almost three years apart in age, so different and yet so alike.

From the moment Emmy was born, she was different from her sister. Lily would have nursed 24 hours a day if I let her; Emmy would push away from me as soon as she was full. Lily loved playing with her stuffed animals; Emmy loved playing with baby dolls.

Lily would insist on being called a different name, depending on which character she liked at the time. For while, her name was “Michael.” Then she was “Dora.”

Emmy, on the other hand, would never let anyone bestow a nickname to her rather long name. The only place she is known as “Emmy” is here on this blog.

Lily loves scary movies (such as Finding Nemo and Toy Story 3). Emmy does not.

Lily loves roller coasters. Emmy does not.

Emmy has a huge sweet tooth; much bigger than Lily’s. Emmy loves to sing; even more than her sister.

Emmy and Lily love to be silly; they love to dance around the house; they love to read books with Mommy and Daddy.

And even though at times they may deny it, they love each other.

Two Sisters

This post was inspired by Sisters, written by David McPhail. To read more Simple Moments, visit Hyacynth at Undercover Mother.

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10 Responses to Two Sisters

  1. debby9972 says:

    Such a sweet post. I love how children are born with their set ways, each person unique!

  2. hyacynth says:

    They are going to LOVE to read this when they get a bit older. Such sweetness between sisters. Have you ever read My Sister Says? My sister and I loved that book.

  3. @shari_lynne says:

    Oh I just love that Ginny..I can just imagine you walking along together :) Ahh so sweet!

  4. Awww…cute!! Sounds like they’re the perfect compliments to each other! :)

  5. Emily says:

    They compliment each other perfectly. Sweet sisters!
    My recent post Unbeautiful Beginnings

  6. Audrey says:

    I also have two daughters and they are just so different, always have been. I'm always amazing how two girls with the same parents came out so very different.
    My recent post Brownie In a Mug

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