How I Spent My Summer Vacation {Spin Cycle}

How could summer possibly be over? Every year, June, July and August just seem to fly by. I want more time by the pool soaking in the sun! I need more picnics! More cookouts! Why does summer have to be over?

It happens every year, doesn’t it. So here is a recap of how I spent my summer vacation.

In June

We traveled to Alaska to visit my aunt and went sightseeing. We did some…

In July

It was hot. Very hot. Hot, hot, hot. So we went swimming.

Lily Fish

In August

My sister Heather had two gallery openings in August that we were able to attend.

Lily contemplating her Aunt Heather’s art.

Emmy, on the other hand, couldn’t stand still for very long.

This synopsis of our summer brought to you by the Spin Cycle, courtesy of the lovely Gretchen of Second Blooming.

Second Blooming


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4 Responses to How I Spent My Summer Vacation {Spin Cycle}

  1. I'm going off topic again on here, but I'm presenting you with another blog award!
    My recent post The Versatile Award

  2. debby9972 says:

    Sounds like a great summer!
    Alaska looks beautiful.
    I've been doing some swimming this summer and I really enjoyed it.
    Your sister's art is amazing.
    My recent post HAPPY BIRTHDAY DYLAN

  3. @JackiRHayes says:

    Your sister's artwork is wonderful! Also, very jealous about Alaska.

  4. gretchen says:

    Today is HOT in LA, and looking at those Alaska pictures makes me weak with desire! The whole summer looks excellent. I love your sisters paintings!!

    You're linked!
    My recent post Spin Cycle: Camp Mama 2012

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