Red is the color of apples.

apple print

Red is the color of lipstick. Red is the color of really fast cars.
And bouncy obstacle courses.

Red dress

Red pops. Red sizzles. Red is bold.

Red shirt

I don’t wear red, but my daughters do.

South Haven lighthouse



Mama’s Losin’ It

4.) Write a blog post inspired by the word “red”.


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7 Responses to Red

  1. Stacey says:

    I love the color red, but for some reason I don’t wear it much!

  2. What adorable pictures! I don't wear red either. I blush so easily that when I wear red I end up looking like a tomato.
    My recent post Five random facts about me and my family.

  3. carol says:

    fun, simple, and up-lifting post! I'm reading a lot about sicknesses. I guess it's that time of year. So, thanks for providing some freshness to the day!

  4. Elastamom says:

    Red is my favorite color!!!!!

  5. Love it! Red is my favorite. :)

  6. I love red. These pictures are so energetic! :) I always feel good wearing red!
    My recent post The Most Shameful Parenting Moment I Have Ever Faced

  7. Bee says:

    I love all the pictures of red! On the weekends, Hubs wears almost always wears a red T-shirt because he has so many Ohio State tees!
    My recent post 5 Random Facts About Me and My Family

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