Ten Things I Love About My Dad

Back in May, the Tuesday Ten crew wrote Ten Things we love about our moms. It’s time to write about our fathers now that it’s June! Here are ten things I love about my Dad, although I’m sure I could write many more!

The Golden Spoons

10. Whenever we go to Grandpa’s house for a visit, he makes big pancakes for Lily and Emmy. I, however, love eating them just as much if not more than the girls!

9. His love of books. Growing up, we were constantly surrounded by books, magazines and the newspaper. When I was in training to become a teacher, I learned that this was a “literature-rich environment” which we were supposed to encourage parents to have at home.

8. When Dad picks up a book, he always opens it up to the end and starts reading. Is this something I love, or something that drives me crazy? Hmm.

Skipping to the end of the book!
Skipping to the end of the book!

7. He is a wonderful storyteller. Whether he’s telling about someone he once knew or his latest joke, Dad knows how to tell a good story.

6. When my sister and I were young, Dad took us on bike rides around the country. Once we stopped by a creek and saw some hedge apples as we walked around. I don’t know why I remember this; maybe because hedge apples look so interesting and aren’t really apples at all.

5. Dad finds beauty in nature, even in strange things like hedge apples. He loves the twists and turns of his corkscrew willow tree and the way grapes grow on his trellis.

4. Dad loves thinking of things for his grandchildren to do. We’ve searched for bison in the middle of a prairie restoration area, went to see the dam by his house many times, and he even took the girls to a train museum. On our last trip to visit, we went on a paddle boat for the first time!



3. He sends out regular emails to the extended family, telling us what he is remembering that day or where he’s traveling. Dad loves to travel!

2. He throws the best quotes into those emails, and I usually know which book he’s referring to. Chalk that up to our literature-rich environment!

1. Dad is so proud of all his children and grandchildren and their accomplishments, and he lets us know!

I’m so pleased to be co-hosting Tuesday Ten for the month of June with Lisa of The Golden Spoons and Rabia from The Liebers!

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  1. Did you ever find any bison?

    I’m like that too! I am very rude about opening books or reading them at all times. And I love the regular emails. My father-in-law is like that. He’s at our Cape house right now and he’ll write to us about the tides and water. We’ll be there soon enough.
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