I Admit It; I’m Happy {Spin Cycle}

Yesterday, I was going to go outside and take pictures of my garden to show you how happiness happens. Remember that huge, old willow tree in our backyard? The tree I loved but had to be cut down? Now there is just a big pile of mulch where the tree guys ground up the stump. It would have cost extra for them to haul it away, so we have been slowly loading our wheelbarrow with the mulch and spreading it in all our gardens and under trees. On Wednesday, I shoveled mulch so vigorously that my stomach muscles have actively been complaining. I’m still sore! Since I waited until the last minute to take pictures, however, I wasn’t actually able to take any. It rained all day, and so you will have to be happy with the picture I took a couple of month ago. (I’m hoping to sneak out early this morning and take one if the weather cooperates!)

spring garden
My raised vegetable garden and the big pile of mulch from the willow tree, along with the beginnings of our butterfly garden, in the spring.

On Wednesday, I was outside all afternoon, happily gardening. I love seeing how my plants are growing. In the vegetable garden, the hot peppers are turning red and the mild peppers are turning orange. The tomatoes are big and fat, just waiting for a touch of sun to make them blush red. The bees were buzzing around the new tomato blossoms, and I could just imagine them pollinating all my lovely green plants as they flew from flower to flower. Happy.

The girls had a half day of school that morning, and they wanted to go to the pool. But the pool is now on limited hours because the lifeguard are also going back to school. Lily and Emmy still got on their swim suits, and I turned on the sprinkler. “Look, Mama, I’m a water fairy!” Emmy shrieked as she sprayed me. “I’m controlling the water!” Even though I was getting wet, I was happy.

The news stories during the past few weeks have been so full of sadness; riots and suicide, a gruesome beheading, death. Some days I don’t even know why I read the news. Maybe that’s why the ice bucket challenge to benefit ALS research has exploded on Facebook; it’s something simple, something funny, and also something that does some good in the world. It adds a little bit of happy to my newsfeed. (I just watched Jude dump a bucket on Gretchen!)

I’m sneaking in the ice bucket challenge to my garden post, because Lily was nominated last night by her best friend, and rumor has it that I will be nominated to take the challenge later today. Does this make me happy? Yes!

I also was able to put on my rain boots this morning, and take a current picture of my garden.

My garden now, with some perennials I bought on sale that still need to be planted!
My garden now, with some perennials I bought on sale that still need to be planted!

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17 Responses to I Admit It; I’m Happy {Spin Cycle}

  1. It must be a relief that the willow tree is gone. Your garden looks great! I thought my plants were going to produce a lot this year because they flowered so much but thanks to our summer weather not being very summer-like at all I haven’t gotten much production.
    Jeanne recently posted…When Boredom StrikesMy Profile

  2. Gardening makes Cassidy very happy. I would love him to read this. It makes me itchy and bored for some reason. I have my own happy things, though!
    Lately with the weird weather and the news headlines, it seems like the world is ending or something. I know it seems that way ever so often, and I do believe the happiness and goodness wins out. I hope so, anyway.
    We need to spread the good things.
    Tamara recently posted…Becoming Neurotic for Ask Away Friday.My Profile

    • Gardening used to make me itchy and bored when I would help my mom! But now I love being out in the garden, maybe because I hate being in the house where there is always laundry and dirty dishes!

      You definitely have your own happy things. I don’t think I would be as patient and as good as you are at capturing such beautiful photos. I’ll stick to gardening, and you can have photography! 😉
      Ginny Marie recently posted…I Admit It; I’m Happy {Spin Cycle}My Profile

  3. I love that gardening indeed does make you so happy and how you added the ice bucket challenge in here. I will admit I like the concept behind the challenge, but not truly a fan of the way it has spread like wildfire and will probably just die out like others crazes that hit the internet. I have kept my mouth shut though, because I don’t want to offend anyone, because yes the cause is indeed truly worthy, but I hate that it will mostly be forgotten and replaced by the next best thing. But I hope you do share your videos and you know I will watch and smile with you all 🙂
    Janine Huldie recently posted…Step into Summer & July GLOSSYBOXMy Profile

    • Yes, I can totally understand what you mean! There’s always something. What I really like about the ice bucket challenge is that it’s directly tied to charity, instead of those cryptic Facebook statuses a couple of years ago (you were supposed to write your bra color) which were trying to raise breast cancer awareness. Those were annoying, and no fundraising came out of it!
      Ginny Marie recently posted…I Admit It; I’m Happy {Spin Cycle}My Profile

  4. There will always be pain and sorrow in the headlines, but sometimes it feels like an extra serving, doesn’t it? Even though there’s sadness and pain close to home and a world away, there’s also so much beauty.

    It can be in kids playing sprinklers, or changing seasons, or a flower bed growing. For me, it comes during practice time with my teams, watching them grown and improve and bond as a team. It’s my girls, telling me about their day at school. It’s email from people I adore.
    Eli@coachdaddy recently posted…Guest Post: Tamara of Confessions of a Part-Time Working Mom, as Go Ask MommyMy Profile

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