Your Spin Cycle Prompt {week of 10/6}

When I’m at the doctor’s office getting my blood pressure taken, I need to think of my happy place.

When I’m getting a mammogram, I think about my happy place.

Seriously, when I even need to call the doctor to make an appointment, I need to think about my happy place. Having cancer once makes me think about getting it again, so I really, REALLY need a happy place.

Alaska cabin window

This week’s prompt on The Spin Cycle is Your Happy Place. Write about it, add the Spin Cycle button to your post or a link back to my blog, and link up your Happy Place spin here any day this week! I’ll be back on Friday telling you all about my happy place!

Copy and paste the code in the box to add some Spin Cycle bling to your post! (On some blogs, you will need to delete the quote marks and replace them with regular quote marks.)

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Spin Cycle prompts for the month of October:

{week of Oct. 6 – Your Happy Place, inspired by Tamara Like Camera}
{week of Oct. 13 – Conquer}
{week of Oct. 20 – At the ________ }
{week of Oct. 27 – Mask}


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