Here’s To Good Days

I had a fairly busy day today. When I think about my day’s accomplishments, I automatically think about how my day at work started. My day actually starts by getting my two daughters to where they need to be, whether it’s school or orchestra. Then it’s off to work for me. This morning, in addition to teaching, my co-teacher and I had three parent conferences. After our conferences, I skipped the gym and headed home for lunch. One of the guilty pleasures of my day is to watch a TV show while I’m eating. It’s the one time I don’t have to watch a kid-related show, and Ed doesn’t really care for TV, so it’s just me and whatever series I’m bingeing on.

I quickly washed some sheets and blankets, threw dinner into the crock pot, and then headed off to read to Emmy’s third grade class. She had picked out the book that morning.

She chose The Stinky Cheese Man, of course!
She chose The Stinky Cheese Man, of course!

I went home for a short half-hour and made a couple phone calls, and then it was back to school to pick up Emmy. Lily had chorus and then show choir rehearsal, so she stayed at school. Emmy vegged in front of the TV while I procrastinated emptying the dishwasher.

As I was procrastinating, I thought that my busy day was going pretty well. I wasn’t too tired; in fact, I was feeling pretty good.

Then it was off to pick up Lily and her friends for carpool duty. After dinner and helping Emmy with her math homework, I thought about good days as I was putting clean sheets on Emmy’s bed. Nothing particularly special happened today. But it was a good day.

Some days, I’m just tired. My worst days were when I was going through chemotherapy and teaching full time. I was exhausted and felt like I would never get better. Years later, I felt the same exhaustion when my babies were born. They did not let me sleep! I was exhausted, but it was a good kind of exhausted from the blessings of being a mother to small children.

I was an exhausted mommy!
I was an exhausted mommy!

It doesn’t always take something as drastic as cancer or a sleepless baby to exhaust me. I struggle with anemia, and sometimes I get so tired it feels like I can’t even lift my arms. That’s when I know I’d better start taking an iron supplement again. And just last week, I was putting away the Christmas tree ornaments and I finally sat on the floor and gave up. I put myself to bed after the girls got home from school. It turns out that I had a stomach bug and I quarantined myself in the bathroom.

Today, on the other hand, after I made Emmy’s bed, I felt as thought I could have been persuaded to go on a shopping trip to Target, if only Ed had been home. It was bedtime for the girls and Ed was visiting his dad in the hospital, so the trip to Target was going to have to wait. But that got me to thinking about good days.
Satisfying days. I had gotten a lot done, and it was a normal, not exhausting day.

Here’s to putting on pajama pants and fuzzy slippers at the end of a normal day. Here’s to not worrying about the dirty pans in the sink because there are clean sheets on the bed. Here’s to kissing the kids good night and sitting on the couch to write.

Here’s to good days, and restful nights.


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  1. That last part is so beautiful. We had clean sheets on the bed last night, but dirty dishes in the sink, of course. I know many forms of exhaustion. Nothing like chemotherapy, but I know the exhaustion of anxiety-fighting of sleepless babies, and of playful kittens at 5:00am.

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